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Ishan Gupta

Top Features To Build a Successful Food Delivery App

60% of the users now prefer on-demand food delivery apps to order their favorite meal. These apps provide immense value to the users and revenue to the businesses owning food delivery apps. 

Some of the values include ordering from the comfort of the house and getting the food items delivered right to the doorstep. 

With the growing demand, entrepreneurs want to build a Successful Food Delivery App. 

However, the success of food delivery app development depends on the right choice of food delivery app development company and embedding the right features and functionalities that meet today’s user needs.

In this blog, we will be discussing what are the top features that you must include in your food delivery app to achieve success in the food delivery industry.

Food Delivery App- A Billion-Dollar Industry

  • The food delivery app industry is expected to reach $165 Billion by 2029.
  • The most popular Food delivery app is uber eats.
  • 50% of the users in the USA use DoorDash food delivery app.
  • China registered $42.5 billion in revenue in 2022, becoming the top country in terms of revenue in the food delivery app industry.
  • The USA registered $17.1 billion in revenue in the food delivery app business.

Food Delivery App- A Billion-Dollar Industry

So, seeing these statistics it is evident the market for online food ordering & delivery is growing at a fast speed. This is due to the increasing adoption of mobile apps for accessing food delivery services. As a result, food delivery app development is becoming top ideas for food tech startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses. 

However, since the market of food delivery is getting more competitive day by day, building a successful food delivery app that brings significant value to your business is not so easy. There are already many leading food delivery apps like UberEats, GrubHub, Deliveroo, DeliveryHero, and more. 

All these food delivery apps offer a variety of features to provide their food ordering & delivery services. So when you are going to build a food delivery app, make sure your app contains all the required as well as some unique features that help your app stand out in the market.

Key Features and Functionality to Add in Your Food Delivery App Development

Before you start working on your food delivery app development project, consulting the right food delivery app development company remains a priority. Once you find the right Food delivery mobile app development company, you can start planning the key features and functionalities to include in your food delivery app.

Key Features And Functionality To Add In Your Food Delivery Applicationinfo

A food delivery app has mainly three types of users. For all three, you have to pick key features separately and, of course, the design too. These key users include:

  • The end-user
  • The admin
  • The delivery person

We will cover the key features and functionalities for all three main users of a food delivery app separately

For The End Users

The end users are always the key focus hence the design for the end user side shall be intuitive and easy to use. Let the users find the desired restaurant to order from when you build your own restaurant app. Here are the features and functionalities to keep in mind:

Profile Creation, Accessing, and Editing

Registration or profile creation is the first screen that end users see. And it should deliver a hustle-free experience to the end users. Let customers use their social accounts to log in so that the sign-up process stays fast, convenient, and secure.

Food & Restaurant Searching and Filtering

In a food delivery application, search is a primary factor. Whatever item your users are searching for, you must show them the nearest restaurants offering it. This will reduce the time taken for the delivery. Also, let users conveniently make filters while keeping their number of taps as low as possible.

Cart & Payment

Users will abandon your app if they cannot easily add or remove the items smoothly. Further, fluid card management must also deliver a flawless payment process to the users. Provide a wide range of payment options to your users. Security while making payments is another important factor to consider.

Order History and Ratings

Users want to track their order history for multiple purposes, and whenever they want to do it, they demand it in the form of urgency. Make sure that you provide a simple order history section to the users. Similarly, let them rate and review restaurants to deliver their experience, which can be helpful to other users.

For The Admin

Whether it is about managing the profiles or assigning orders to the restaurants, the admin plays a key role in a food delivery application. However, the application has a separate panel for admins and restaurants, but we are going with both of them here.

Registration and Profile Management

Identifying and verifying the restaurants is a crucial role played by admins. They manage the profiles, list the restaurants, and verify the parties. Then restaurants have access to the portals to manage the orders. They also manage users’ profiles. Hence, the overall management should be efficient.

Order Assignment

Admin panels are also for restaurants, so while designing the admin panel, make sure that you also keep the order management for the restaurant in mind. Taking and Allocating orders shall be smooth for the restaurants keeping the time frame to the minimum.


It is one of the prominent features of a Restaurant and food delivery app. Every on demand food delivery app development company focuses on keeping the dashboard as robust as possible. It is known as the control center of the application.

For The Delivery Agents

Finally, the delivery persons are as important as the users and admins. Delivery agents are the backbone of the food delivery apps. They are the ones ensuring the quickest delivery of the food items to the end users.

Profile Creation and Customization

The checks for a delivery person might be complex since they will be using their vehicles to deliver the food items. Keep the process easy to understand for even the normal user. The same goes for the verification process for the delivery agents. You have to keep the security tight to avoid any fraudulent registrations on your app as a delivery agent.

Order Handling

Push notifications for the delivery requirement are also as important as the end user thing. If a delivery man cannot pick up the deliveries the right way, then the end user’s wait time will increase. Let delivery agents quickly accept or deny the duties with noticeable pricing highlights.

GPS and Navigation

Navigation and GPS tracking is a complex functionality to add to a food delivery app, and you have to find an expert Food delivery app development company to embed them. Delivery agents should be able quickly to start their navigation right from the app.

Payment and Order History

Payment and order history lets agents check all the previous deliveries so that they can keep track of their work. It shall be a flexible and hustle-free processing. Further, embedding a wallet system is a great idea.

Although the key features and functionalities are important to embed to build a successful food delivery app, the Revenue & Engagement Factors for a Food Delivery App are also worth consideration. Hence, plan your engagement factors effectively.

Why Choose Ripenapps to Build a Feature Rich Food Delivery App?

We are the industry’s leading food delivery app development company having an excellent track record of delivering many successful apps for food ordering & restaurant businesses. We provide best-in-class food delivery app development services for all business sizes.

Our team of experts focuses on carefully analyzing the client’s problem & requirements, proposing the best possible solutions, and building the desired strategy and product. If you are a food business, RipenApps can deliver you the top key features and functionalities that you as a business and your end users demand. Consult us to discuss our requirements.
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Q: How much does it cost to build a Food Delivery App?

On average, the cost of developing a food delivery app can go between $10,000-$20,000. However, the exact value may differ depending on several associated factors like app complexity, location of food delivery app development company, number of features, and so on. So, to get an accurate estimation of food delivery app development costs, you should get a quote from a professional food delivery app development services provider.

Q: What do people look for in a Food Delivery App?

The top key element that customers look for in a Food Delivery app is Convenience. No matter if it is in terms of navigation, accessibility, quality customer service or quick delivery, customers do want convenience in every feature & functionality you design in your app.

Q: What are the most important parts of service delivery?

The complete service based food delivery apps comes down to four important components, marketplace, kitchen, logistics and feedback. Once all the components are right in a Food delivery app, it delivers quality service to the customers.

Q: How do you attract customers for Food Delivery?

When you are building your own restaurant and food delivery application, make sure that you have an intuitive design that serves the menu or dish items to the users in a very convenient way. Then focus on the packaging of the food items. Finally, ensure fast delivery to attract customers to the food delivery app.

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