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Ishan Gupta

Food Delivery App Development: Decoding Success Formula From World’s Top 5 Food Delivery Apps

Have you ever wondered how the world’s famous food delivery apps UberEats, GrubHub, Doordash, and Deliveroo are regenerating business revenue in billions of dollars?

In 1995, when the first online food delivery service was launched through World Wide Waiter, it started a new era of food ordering service using web. And today, food delivery has grown enormously and is ready to turn into a trillion-dollar industry.

According to reports, the revenue in the online food delivery market is estimated to attain US$1.22tn in 2024 and US$1.92tn by 2029.

Take a look at the revenues generated by the world’s top-grossing food delivery apps and you will realize why today’s food tech startups and businesses are highly interested in food delivery app development.

Food Delivery App Revenue in 2023 FY
UberEats 12.1B USD
Deliveroo 2.54B USD
GrubHub 2.1B USD
Doordash 8.6B USD
Zomato 1.04B USD

Then a question arises of how these apps are able to produce such a large amount of revenue. What features or models do their apps have that made them successful in the market?

If you are a food tech startup looking for the best food app ideas or an entrepreneur aspiring to launch your own food delivery venture, you must learn from these most successful apps. Today, we will be decoding success formulas from the world’s top 5 food delivery apps.

Here, you will learn what features and things you should incorporate in your food delivery app development that make your business also successful like these apps.

So why wait then? Let’s get started

Why Is The Demand For Food Delivery App Development Growing?

The food delivery market has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years. High mobile app adoption and internet penetration in online food ordering & delivery services have given a boost to this industry.  Here are the latest market reports that show how fast and large this sector is growing

  • According to the latest market reports, the total revenue of the online food delivery market is expected to reach $1.92tn by 2029 at a CAGR of 9.49%. (Source)
  • In the meal delivery segment, the number of users is projected to attain $2.8B by 2029. (Source)
  • On a global scale, USA and China are leading the online food delivery market share. (Source)

So these staggering figures show how rapidly and significantly the online food delivery industry is increasing. One of the main reasons behind this staggering growth is the massive adoption of mobile apps in the food industry. People today now heavily rely on using food delivery apps for ordering food online.

This is because of increased internet penetration and a fast-paced consumer lifestyle. Therefore, this enhanced market growth has increased the demand for more featured and innovative food delivery apps. Food tech startups and food businesses invest in on demand food delivery app development more than ever.  The demand for food delivery app development services is increasing a lot.

According to a report from AlliedResearch, the global delivery mobile application market is valued at $6752 million in 2020. It is projected to attain $62,836.97 million by 2030 at a staggering CAGR of 25% between 2021-2030.

Therefore, food delivery mobile apps are rising as a great investment opportunity for businesses and startups that are looking to establish their ventures in the food delivery industry. There are many reasons why the demand for food delivery app development is growing. These factors together create a fertile environment for continued growth and innovation in the food delivery app sector.

1. Convenience and Time-Saving

Consumers increasingly seek convenience in their daily lives. Food delivery apps offer a quick and easy way to order meals without the need to cook or visit a restaurant, saving time and effort.

2. Technological Advancements

Increased production of smartphones and internet connectivity have made it easier for people to access and use food delivery apps. Additionally, advancements in food delivery app development technologies also allow for more user-friendly and efficient applications.

3. Changing Lifestyles

Modern lifestyles, particularly in urban areas, often involve busy work schedules and long commutes, leaving less time for traditional cooking and dining out. Food delivery apps cater to this need for quick and convenient meal options.

4. Pandemic Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly boosted the demand for food delivery services. Lockdowns, social distancing measures, and health concerns made dining out less feasible, leading more people to rely on food delivery apps. Even post-pandemic, many consumers have retained the habit of ordering food online.

5. Wide Variety of Choices

Food delivery apps offer a vast array of dining options, from local eateries to international cuisines, catering to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. This variety is attractive to consumers who enjoy exploring different foods.

6. User Experience and Personalization

Today’s food delivery app developers offer personalized experiences through AI and machine learning. They can recommend dishes based on past orders, preferences, and dietary restrictions, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.

7. Promotions and Discounts

Food delivery apps often provide discounts, promotions, and loyalty programs. As a result, it makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

8. Integration with Other Services

Many businesses integrate other services such as grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, and even meal kit services in their food delivery app development. This integration offers a more comprehensive solution for consumers looking to fulfil all their dining and grocery needs through a single platform.

9. Evolving Restaurant Business Models

Restaurants are increasingly recognizing the importance of online delivery platforms as a significant revenue stream. Many restaurants are adapting their business models to include delivery-only kitchens (cloud kitchens) that cater exclusively to online orders. They are also investing in restaurant food delivery app development for dedicatedly providing food delivery services.

10. Social Media and Digital Transformation

The rise of social media and digital transformation empowers food delivery apps to reach a broader audience and create engaging campaigns that attract new users. Today, people have a great influence on their eating choices as what is trending on the internet and the market.

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World’s Top-Grossing Food Delivery Apps


Just two decades ago, how people eat was different before the advent of the smartphone and mobile app revolution. People used to visit restaurants for food or make phone calls to order online such as pizza.

But the adoption of mobile apps and on demand food delivery services affected this sector drastically. Businesses started investing more in food delivery app development and it became a popular trend and future-proof investment choice.

Earlier, restaurants had a major share of the food delivery market. However, the concept of online food delivery opens new doorways for startups and business ventures across the entire globe.

Today, there are many food delivery apps generating business revenue in millions and billions of dollar figures. Uber Eats, GrubHub, Doordash, Postmates, Deliveroo, Just Eats, Delivery Hero and many other apps are earning billions of dollars worldwide.

Take a look at the below data of revenue generated by the world’s leading food delivery apps and you will realize why food delivery mobile app development is a billion-dollar investment choice for food tech startups and businesses.

Food Delivery Apps Revenue in 2023 FY Growth Rate % (YoY) Major Market Share
UberEats $12.1B 11% USA, UK
Just Eat €3.1 billion 6.2% UK, Europe
Doordash $8.63 billion 31% US
Deliveroo £2 billion 2.7% UK
Grubhub $2.1 billion 15% USA
Postmates $730 million 14% USA
Delivery Hero $1.26 Billion 21% UK, USA $785M NA China
Zomato $1.04B 49.6% India

All these food delivery apps have great market share in different countries and regions across the world. Some of them even hold a significant share in one specific country. However, despite the dominance of multiple food delivery apps in the market, other apps also hold considerable market share.

Hence, seeing these figures, it is apparent how food delivery apps work as a billion-dollar business model. Therefore, current food tech startups, restaurant businesses, and entrepreneurs looking to build innovative mobile apps for providing online food ordering & delivery services, and other solutions.

But here one big question arises: why are these apps so successful? What features or offers do these food delivery apps give that people demand? This question matters a lot, especially for new business ventures and aspiring startups that want to develop and launch their own food delivery apps with high business profits.

Since we are an experienced food delivery app development company, we know what key factors contribute to building a highly successful food delivery app. To help you understand better, we will try to decode the success formula of the world’s most popular and successful food delivery apps in the market.

1. UberEats

UberEats is the world’s leading food delivery app in the market. It has a great presence and market share in the US, Europe, and other countries. It provides its services in over 25 countries and 500 cities. This app is known for providing highly affordable food delivery services and exciting features & offers.

Uber Eats was launched when the food delivery service business was getting competitive. Despite this, this app demonstrated good customer acquisition and business growth. In 2023, it generated $12.1 Billion in revenue being the high-grossing food delivery app globally.

What makes Uber Eats successful?

  • Leveraging Uber’s Network: UberEats capitalized on Uber’s existing driver network. They ensure a readily available delivery force at launch.
  • Integration with Uber App: Seamless integration with the Uber app provided a familiar and convenient experience for existing Uber users.
  • Global Expansion: UberEats aggressively expanded into international markets, reaching a wider customer base

Top Features That Make UberEats A Popular Food Delivery App

  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Fast Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Extensive Restaurant Selection
  • Integration with Uber App (For Existing Users)
  • Curated Promotions and Deals

2. Doordash

Doordash is also one of the world’s top-famous food delivery mobile apps. This app is known for providing a wide range of food delivery services. Be it a restaurant, grocery store, retailer, or food point, Doordash works with all kinds of food-serving entities. Doordash has a strong business presence and share despite its many competitors.

What makes Doordash successful?

  • Fast Delivery: DoorDash prioritized speed and efficiency. They offer faster delivery times in many areas compared to competitors.
  • DashPass Subscription: Their subscription service, DashPass, provides free delivery on qualifying orders. Thus, it increases user loyalty and recurring revenue.
  • Focus on Urban Markets: DoorDash initially targeted densely populated urban areas, where on-demand delivery is most in demand.

Top Features That Make Doordash A Popular Food Delivery App

  • User Reviews and Restaurant Ratings
  • Customization Options and Special Requests
  • Wide Restaurant Selection with Focus on Local Favorites
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery
  • DashPass Subscription Service

3. Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a leading food delivery company based in UK. It operates in over 200 cities and 13 countries. It is the most famous food ordering & delivery mobile app in Europe and the UK. This app allows customers to order food from renowned restaurants and cloud kitchens that don’t have a dining facility.

The Deliveroo app utilizes a special algorithm to make food ordering & delivery efficient to maximize revenue for both the restaurant and the courier. However, in the past 3 years, the brand has struggled to increase its growth. However, it has earned a substantial share in the food delivery consumer market.

What makes Deliveroo successful?

  • Focus on High-Quality Restaurants: Deliveroo positioned itself as a premium service. They focused on partnering with high-end restaurants and offering a curated selection.
  • Focus on Customer Support: Deliveroo emphasizes exceptional customer service to provide a smooth user experience throughout the ordering process.
  • Expansion into Grocery Delivery: Deliveroo recently expanded into grocery delivery with a goal to cater to evolving consumer needs.

Top App Features That Make Deliveroo A Popular Food Delivery App

  • Focus on High-Quality Restaurants & Curated Selection
  • Premium Features for a Seamless User Experience
  • Expanding Offerings Beyond Food Delivery
  • Exceptional Customer Service Features

4. GrubHub

It is the most popular food delivery app in the USA. This app operates in over 4000 UC cities and has over 3,20,000 partnered restaurants. GrubHub is famous for providing exciting features for online food ordering & services. This app has the largest restaurant network and a base of 24.6 million active users in the US.

GrubHub achieved success due to its extensive consumer base and partnered restaurants. Apart from this, it also offers promotional offers and attractive features that entice users to use the GrubHub app.

What makes GrubHub successful?

  • Focus on Online Ordering: GrubHub carved a niche by focusing on online ordering and delivery before it became mainstream. As a result, they could establish a strong foothold in the market.
  • Wide Restaurant Variety: They partnered with a vast network of restaurants and cater to a broad range of user preferences.
  • Strategic Acquisitions: GrubHub’s acquisition of rival Seamless further solidified its market position.

Top App Features That Make GrubHub A Popular Food Delivery App

  • Extensive Restaurant Selection
  • User-Friendly Interface and Easy Ordering
  • GrubHub Perks Loyalty Program
  • Multiple Payment Options with Secure Transactions
  • Advanced Search and Filtering Options
  • Openness to New Technologies

5. Zomato

Zomato is the leading food delivery company based in India. It provides a variety of services & features for food ordering & delivery services. Zomato is reputed for providing innovative features and offers while engaging users. The app provides services beyond just food ordering & delivery.

It has the largest partnered restaurant network with 1.5 million restaurants and 32 million monthly active users. Zomato app has been successful in the market due to its innovative in-app and digital marketing strategy. Their app provides real-life photos, ratings, recommendations, easy direction, and genuine reviews.

What makes Zomato successful?

  • Strong Presence in Emerging Markets: Zomato gained a strong foothold in India and other emerging markets to serve a specific audience and their preferences.
  • Content and Restaurant Discovery: Zomato goes beyond just delivery. They offer extensive restaurant reviews, photos, and menus. Consequently, it makes them a valuable resource for foodies.
  • Expansion into Table Reservations: Zomato allows users to make table reservations alongside online ordering and thus offers a comprehensive dining application.

Top App Features That Make Zomato A Popular Food Delivery App

  • Focus on User Reviews and Ratings
  • Integration with Local Payment Methods
  • Multiple Features: Delivery, Takeaway, and Table Reservations
  • Content and Restaurant Discovery

How To Build a Successful Food Delivery App?: Decoding Success Formula

Build a Successful Food Delivery App

So what features ultimately make your food delivery app development worthy? How to build food delivery app that succeeds tremendously in the market?

By analyzing the unique features & services that world’s top food delivery apps offer, it is evident that to build a successful food ordering & delivery app you have to go beyond just delivering food.

Your app should give a seamless user experience and additional features that compel consumers to use your app continuously. Your app also should have something exciting or special that sets it apart from its competitors.

Since food delivery app development cost is relatively high. Hence, you should be very thoughtful while developing apps like popular ones. To put it in a nutshell, here are the important things that you should consider to develop food delivery app like other popular apps.

  1. In-depth market research
  2. Understanding your target audience
  3. Comprehensive competitor analysis
  4. Offer exciting features
  5. Prioritize core features
  6. Offering a strong restaurant & aggregator network
  7. Fast and seamless food ordering & delivery services
  8. Building strategic promotional offers
  9. Embracing emerging technologies and trends
  10. Offering additional features beyond food delivery

Concluding Thoughts

The success of food delivery app development largely depends on its features and services. A successful food delivery app offers a broad range of useful and innovative features that users look for. It provides them with seamless, engaging, and reliable features & solutions for online food ordering. However, merely developing an app is a benchmark of success.

You have to work continuously and adapt emerging trends and innovations to meet customer expectations. Data already suggests the future of the food delivery industry is highly promising and lucrative for upcoming startups and businesses.

However, as the food delivery app market is already competitive, launching another app like these ones requires a strategic approach. You should consult a professional food delivery app development company to build a food delivery app that stands out in the market.

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