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Radhika Yadav in Android
Google Releases Android 11: The First Developer Preview with Interesting Features

Android 11 is ready to steal the market of 2020
Google has released the very first develop....

Radhika Yadav in Android
Android App Development: Highlights of 2019 & Plans for 2020

Android has seen spectacular growth in 2019 and
Google Play accounted for a significant in....

Radhika Yadav in Android
Kotlin 1.3.60 Released to Aid Android App Developers

Kotlin and Java go Hand in Hand when it comes to
Android app development And the most appr....

Prankur Haldiya in Android
How to Take Your Coding Skills on Next Level? : Proven Productive Hacks for App Developers

Mobile app developers are the one who works
tremendously at every field, & what makes ....

Prankur Haldiya in Android
Google’s Feast- Android Q Beta 1 Is Now In the Hands of Individuals

In 2019, mobile innovation is far stronger than
ever, as many technologies have marched in....

Ishan Gupta in Android
Android Pie- Opportunities & Challenges for App Developers

Have you tasted Naught & Oreo Well now it is
the time for some Pie, From Pie we mean t....

Radhika Yadav in Android
How You Can Leverage Material Design in Your Android App to Make It More Users Engaging?

Although the mobile ecosystem has teemed with apps
and the competition is undoubtedly high....

Ishan Gupta in App Development
The Effective Ways to Explain the App Idea to the App Development Team

An application is the best medium to attain a
great height in a shorter time period For th....

Ishan Gupta in App Development
Do APIs Make The Mobile App Development Process Quicker & Easier?

The user’s curiosity for knowing the basic idea
revolving around the working of various ....

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