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Let’s Compare Android 9 Pie Vs iOS 12 On the Basis Of Updates

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As they do each year, both Apple and Google have uncovered every single new form of their mobile OS, and keeping in mind that Google’s Android 9.0 Pie is the first out of beta, regardless we know enough about both to analyze the two. There are the principle preferences offered by iOS and Android in 2018, including a portion of the new features of the next version of these OS, at present known as Android 9 Pie and iOS beta 12. They’re currently more comparative than any time in recent memory.

So You Must Be Thinking About whether iOS 12 or Android 9 Pie? The Appropriate Response isn’t so Basic…

Well okay, no matter how much complex this inquiry is, yet to find more like a solution, we collect the principal points of interest of each OS, with an attention on the upcoming generation of each one of them that will land in the coming months, iOS 12 and Android 9.0 Pie.

 Now we are going to describe each of them one by one…

Here are some major features on which Android Pie & iOS 12 have crossed all the hurdles and became the most popular OS as of now.

IOS 12:

Facial Recognition

On account of the Face ID sensors, the iPhone X is the one with the best facial recognition at present, offering security and great execution through various situations. Despite the fact that Android P likewise offers facial recognition and is typically speedier to give you a chance to begin utilizing the Smartphones, you realize that your security isn’t as well as could be expected and in low light circumstances have a bigger number of issues than Face ID.

Android 9 Pie:

Virtual reality (VR) and increased reality (AR)

Google has its own virtual reality stage. Android likewise has the presence of Oculus in the Samsung Apparatus VR virtual reality glasses.

This virtual reality encounter is further developed than what iOS can offer on any of its devices.

An updated feature of Virtual reality will engage customers towards Android 9 Pie operating system.

Moreover, in spite of the fact that Google has taken a shot at augmented reality for quite a while with Tango.  The organization gave it another turn to launch ARCore. In spite of the fact that this platform is generally new, like Apple’s ARKit, the Google platform considers multiplayer encounter through the two platforms, iOS, and Android. As far as it matters for its, iOS 12 offers multiplayer experiences just between devices of that platform.

iOS 12:

Virtual Assistant

Apple has made an extraordinary change on Siri in iOS 12. With the Siri shortcuts, you can do nearly anything with voice commands. The Siri shortcuts depend on the Workflow application that Apple gained in 2017, which enables users to make multi-step shortcuts utilizing other apps, which would then be able to utilize Siri voice commands.

Google Assistant does not give a similar usefulness in Android 9 Pie. In spite of the fact that iOS 12 has enhanced, Google Assistant is still more adaptable and solid than Siri

Android 9 Pie:


Apple has conveyed unimaginable multitasking to the iPad since its arrival of iOS 11, which at last enables users to run two applications all the while, drag & drop substance between two windows, and more.

Sadly, the iPhone does not have similar features. Consequently, with regards to multitasking, Android is still in the number one spot, and Android 9 Pie enables you to utilize two applications all the while on both your smartphone and tablet.

iOS 12:

Software Update

A couple of Android vendors are improving the situation with software and security updates, yet most sellers are still awful. It takes a while for makers like Samsung to push the most recent Android updates.

Interestingly, iOS devices are updated faster The iOS system update does not have any third-party interfaces, as long as Apple authoritatively releases the update.

Android 9 Pie:


One of the immense preferences of Android, since its beginning, has been personalization. iOS enables you to change the screen backgrounds and some broad settings of the devices, yet Android enables you to give it a very surprising point of view – would you be able to change the screen foundation, as well as the icon, the manner in which Home carries on (utilizing a launcher ), the appearance of the lock screen (with various applications) and considerably more.

iOS 12:

Animated Emoticons

Apple drove with the launch of the Animojis and now with iOS 12 presented the Memojis or animated emoticons that endeavor to mirror your physical appearance. In spite of the fact that these are features that we find in phones like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus, the detail and acknowledgment of Apple are prevalent.

Android 9 Pie:

Multi-window on mobile phones

When all is said in done, Android has dependably offered numerous more multi-window highlights than iOS, and this is kept up in Android Pie, incorporating Picture in Picture (PIP), split screen and notwithstanding drifting windows on a few devices.

iOS 12:

Bluetooth Pairing

Apple leads the pack in simplifying Bluetooth pairing. Google started to offer something comparative with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL to coordinate hearing aids like the Pixel Buds.  However, despite the fact that it is fundamentally the same as the procedure, does not work so well.

Android 9 Pie:

Headset Connector In Mobile Phones

The normal hearing aids connector is en route to elimination, however, in spite of the fact that it is difficult to purchase another adaptation of an iPhone with this component. There is as yet a decent assortment of Android phones that still offer it.

The earphone jack enables your present hearing aids to run easily and you can tune in to music on the link while you are charging the device.

Final Words:

So basically, whom to declare as a winner totally depends on you. This is because you as a user have with each of these mobile OS, so it is basically or simply your choice.

And each of them has specific benefits and will also depend on what is beneficial to you.

However, iOS 12 & Android 9.0 Pie each and every time seem more, step by step provide very similar benefits.

Moreover, competition is good for the users as well as companies. Because it encourages companies to improve rapidly to provide best-in-class products.

For the further information contact us and get a free quote of knowledge & consultation.


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