How Insurance Mobile Apps Can Boost the User Base of Your Insurance Company
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

How Insurance Mobile Apps Can Boost the User Base of Your Insurance Company?

Mobile apps have become an integral part of modern business strategies across various industries. Why? They offer a direct and convenient way for companies to interact with their customers. For customers, mobile apps have offered them the convenience of accomplishing certain tasks. However, the insurance industry has mostly relied on salesmen and calling staff to sell their policies.

However, the case is slowly moving towards digitalization, where more insurance companies are seeking insurance mobile app development for their businesses. Yet, the major query remains: how can a mobile app boost my insurance user base? This is what we are going to solve in this blog.

Analyzing the Insurance Mobile App Market

See, trends are always there in every industry, and the insurance industry too has seen some excellent trends transforming the way they do business. For example, the industry has shifted to digital storage of data. They have also shifted to building their own websites. And mobile apps are not far away now since a lot of them are leveraging mobile apps to maximize business revenue.

Looking at the customer’s side, there is a strong rise in insurance-related queries, and that too using mobile devices. According to Think With Google, queries with “insurance near me” on mobile devices have grown 100%. This is a great sign of how customers are shifting to mobile devices to almost perform everything.

Not only this, but nearly 50% of insurance-related queries are searched using mobile devices. And a lot of users look for an app if their insurance buying chances are high. Although the phone call has been a preferred choice of marketing for a long time, if you ignore the benefits that a mobile app can deliver to generate a larger user base, then you are lacking somewhere. Let us start with how an insurance mobile app helps you with customer acquisition.

Customer Acquisition Through Insurance Mobile App

Users are becoming tech-savvy! On average, a user uses 30 apps every month to achieve their tasks. This stat is convincing enough about how often users rely on mobile apps. Here is how insurance mobile app development helps you acquire more customers:


Unlocking Wider Accessibility

Google Play Store and Apple App Store are the two major players in mobile apps, where users download their preferred applications. Millions of users visit these stores daily to even search queries like “Top insurance mobile app.” And having your mobile app can give you the door to being on that list. Your insurance company will be visible worldwide (if you plan to go worldwide). This, in turn, will surely bring you more leads.

Attracting Tech Savvy Base

Do you know where the young generation spends most of their time? They are on their smartphones more than 16 hours a week (source: Backlinko) exploring and using mobile apps. Tech-savvy customers are more likely to engage with services that offer a robust mobile app. And, by building a mobile app, you can attract this demographic, which is increasingly becoming the dominant user in the digital market.

Improved Marketing Capabilities

You can seamlessly promote your insurance mobile app through in-app promotions. These can be personalized based on user behavior and preferences, driving new user acquisition. Further, push notification features allow you to keep your users engaged by sending reminders like personalized offers, reminders about policies, and more.

Integrated Social Media Features

Through social media integration, you can allow your users to easily share their experiences and recommend the app to their network. For example, one of your user’s friends wants to take a peek at the benefits that your insurance company offers.

The user can share the relevant data just by clicking the sharing button in their insurance app, allowing the user’s friend to get an idea about the benefits. You can treat social media integration features as a modern referral system.

Customer Retention Through Insurance Mobile App

Now let us talk about how an insurance mobile app can help you retain customers too. Of course, if you have gained new customers, it is also essential for you to retain them. That is where a mobile app can help you.


Using An Intuitive Interface

Once customers are in, you can further deliver the best customer experience. Through a mobile app, you can showcase that your business stays on trend with the most modern design in the app. If you do not know, your insurance mobile app will be an extension of your brand, and when you give comfort to users in your app, they find comfort in your whole business model.

Applying Personalized Experience

Another great benefit of having your mobile app is that you don’t have to sell the same insurance pamphlets to every customer. When you leverage AI in your mobile app, you can create personalized experiences for every customer.

Some might be interested in a long-term policy and some in a short-term policy. Your mobile app can customize the complete app experience according to what users want. This surely leads to customer engagement.

Offering Value-Added Services

Right in the mobile app, how about if you educate your customers through appealing and easy-to-understand graphics, making their experience fun? Yes, with an insurance mobile app, you can embed value-added services like risk assessments and educational content. Further, loyalty programs can further maximize customer base acquisition.

Excellent Customer Service Experience Through the Insurance Mobile App

Finally, every customer that stays engaged with you needs streamlined customer service. And, when they do not get it, you might leave those customers in the long run. However, with an insurance mobile app development, you can provide users with immediate actions related to their queries.

Any details about policy, coverage, premium amounts, and renewal dates stay right in their pocket-sized device. With in-app chat support, you can provide instant assistance to your users.

Wrapping Up

If you are an insurance company aiming to grow a loyal user base, then you have to take advantage of digital products like mobile apps. We have seen in the blog how beneficial an insurance mobile app development can be, where you can reach a wide audience and improve customer engagement and services. So, why not hire a fintech app development company and invest in an insurance mobile app to lead the competition with a massive user base?

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Q1. How Can a Mobile App Help My Insurance Company Attract New Customers?

A mobile app can help your insurance company attract new customers by offering a convenient and accessible platform for users to explore and purchase insurance products.

Q2. What Features Should My Insurance Mobile App Have to Improve Customer Retention?

To increase customer retention for your insurance mobile app, you can ensure features like personalized user experience, easy access to policy information, and in-app customer support.

Q3. What Are The Main Challenges in Developing An Insurance Mobile App?

The main challenges include security and data privacy, addressing technical issues such as bugs and compatibility, and encouraging users to adopt your new mobile app.

Q4. What is The Insurance App Development Cost?

A basic app can cost you somewhere around $50,000 and an advanced app can even cross $1,00,000. Hence, the cost highly depends upon your requirements and the mobile app developers you choose.

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