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WhatsApp Finally has arrived with Dark Mode for Android & iPhone Globally

Hold new experience of WhatsApp now in your hands because Facebook-owned WhatsApp has finally arrived with the most awaited feature “Dark Mode”. Now, Android, as well as iOS users, are open to using WhatsApp Dark Mode globally. All the Android & iOS based smartphones are now accessible to showcase Dark Mode in WhatsApp now with this latest release. The all-new latest versions of iOS & Android can experience this new rollout of WhatsApp on AppStore & Google PlayStore.

The company has stated that- now there is no dark gray background & off-white color for dark mode & there would be the combination of pure Black & white created with contrast which could lead to eye fatigue. Saying of WhatsApp in favor of its Dark Mode is that it “Lowers the brightness of the screen, cut down the glare, and improves contrast & readability”. Basically this brand new feature of WhatsApp is specifically designed to reduce the eyes strain in low-light environments & prevent those tough moments that happen when your phone lights up the darkroom suddenly.

How the Company Has Designed Dark Mode:

DarkMode feature is designed by taking two important points of consideration that can give a better user experience: Readability & Information Hierarchy.

Dark Mode Feature is designed by using colors and other designing elements to make sure that the information stands out amazingly.

Now, a fresh look and amazing experience can be accessed through WhatsApp after this rollout.

It also added that the company soon provides a solid color combination selection to the users after this Dark Mode.

To enable Dark Mode in user’s smartphones, the company has replaced the profile image with dark background & WhatsApp Logo.

How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp:

Users holding Android 10 & iOS 13, can access this new feature- Dark Mode by enabling it in system settings via following some simplified steps:

Users on Android 9 pie and below can enable this Dark Mode feature via performing some steps: Users can go into WhatsApp Settings> Chats>Theme> select “Dark”.

Android 10 & iOS 13 come with native Dark mode support, so if the users enable it inside settings, he/she can experience Dark Mode shift automatically.

The company added their curious interest in this rollout by stating the users will love this Dark Mode of WhatsApp.
However, WhatsApp is not alone in the category of providing DarkMode features like Instagram, Twitter & Gmail are also in this category but this rollout of WhatsApp was the most awaited as its immense popularity of more than 2 billion users worldwide.

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