Top 10 Database for Web Applications to Pick in 2023
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Top 10 Database for Web Applications to Pick in 2024

Data is essential for businesses to grow and prosper. Businesses collect data from multiple sources like market analysis, internal search queries, customer service inquiries, end user encrypted credentials, and reports. All of the data that businesses collect are stored in one or multiple databases for further operations, either it is to present to the end users or for analytics.

When there are multiple databases, it is complex for businesses to fetch data accurately without failures. To reduce this complexity, businesses use database management systems to manage their databases. From quick decision-making to better customer relationship management, database management systems actively contribute to business growth in diverse ways.

If you research databases and database systems, you will find plenty. And deciding on a few of them or just 10 takes additional research. So, we have compiled the list of the top 10 databases to pick in 2024.

Best 10 Databases for Your Business

Although there are a number of best database for app development, some have secured top position. So, let us discover industry leaders’ top 10 databases and DB systems. Let’s check them out.


Oracle Database

Oracle database delivers a cost-optimized and high-performing database system to its customers. The database is highly efficient in memory management, has support for NoSQL and MYSQL, and owns the benefit of stability from a recognized brand. This is why it is the leading choice for top app development companies like RipenApps.

Oracle DB stats

  • Oracle wins the highest rank score of 1260 as the most popular database management system worldwide in 2022.
  • 2.8% of software developers believed Oracle Database management system in 2021.

Oracle DB Key Features

  • High availability makes Oracle Database never out of action or unavailable whenever users request.
  • Large database and space management is easy in Oracle providing full control.
  • Oracle database minimizes the possible disputes between data assuring data concurrency.
  • Portability is a key feature where users can run it under multiple operating systems.

Brands using Oracle database

  • eBay
  • LinkedIn
  • MIT

database 2


The world’s most popular open-source database, MYSQL, has acquired a big market in terms of best database for mobile apps and web applications. It is widely used in large enterprises with its cost-effective and high-delivery working model. MySQL can scale any application that requires reliable database management software to manage its data.

MySQL Stats

  • MySQL achieves 1202 points in the ranking for the most popular database management systems worldwide in 2022.
  • 9.76% of the software developers believed MYSQL was the most wanted database skill in 2021.

MySQL Features

  • MYSQL is easy to use and best for beginners who are learning database systems.
  • It is one of the most secure database software available in the market.
  • Client-server architecture is one of the key features of MYSQL.
  • It is free to use, making it the preferred choice for beginners in massive organizations.
  • MYSQL has noted the fewest memory leakage problems making it very efficient.

Brands Using MySQL Database

  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Udemy


A C-language library implementing a full-featured SQL database engine, SQL lite is widely used for day-to-day database management system needs. SQL is the most used database engine worldwide, empowering database systems for mobile phones and computers. It has become a prominent choice for android app developers.

SQLite stats

  • SQLite scores 138.87 and rank among the world’s most popular database system worldwide in 2022.
  • 9.76% of the software developers believed SQLite as an important skill in 2021.

SQLite Key Features

  • No setup or administration is required to use SQLite, making it a zero-configuration database management tool.
  • Single cross-platform disk file to use as an application file format.
  • Terabyte-size databases are also supported in SQLite.
  • It has simple-to-use API access to all the developers out there.
  • It is a cross-platform tool covering android, iOS, Linux, mac, and more.

Brands Using SQLite

  • Lorven Technologies
  • Zendesk inc.


MariaDB has become a major point of attraction for brands for open-source relational databases. The key reasons for the popularity of MariaDB are its strong cloud offerings and the guarantee of being open source. The world’s top iOS app developers are consistently using this database to build quality applications.

MariaDB Stats

  • MariaDB holds a ranking score of 113.89 as the most popular database management tool in 2022.
  • 2.93% of the software developers believe MariaDB was an essential database skill in 2021.

MariaDB Features

  • Security is one of the key features of MariaDB because of the high-end encryption it renders to data.
  • MariaDB offers full integration with the Galera cluster, where you can run multiple databases for better performance.
  • Rapid updates and stable improvements deploy speed and stability to the MariaDB users.
  • Learning the database system tool is easy because of the rich availability of official documentation.

Brands Using MariaDB Database

  • DBS Bank
  • Red Hat
  • Verizon

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Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL server is built by Microsoft, focusing on relational database management. The primary function of the database is to let users store and retrieve the data with minimal effort. It supports Windows and Linux systems delivering structured, semi-structured, and spatial data.

Microsoft SQL Stats

  • MS SQL Server in August 2022 ranks 944, becoming the third best database management system.
  • Around 208k companies use Microsoft SQL server displaying its popularity (Source).

Microsoft SQL Key Features

  • Query store with new system views and troubleshooting
  • Can alter the statistics of Live query
  • Temporal Database support to restore the data
  • An extensive JSON support for modern web and mobile apps
  • Encryption is the main focus of Microsoft.
  • It is highly popular to build cross platform apps worldwide.

Brands using Microsoft SQL

  • Microsoft
  • Stack Overflow
  • Accenture


A powerful and open-source object-relational database system to fulfill industry and individual demands. With its open-source nature and the extended use of AQL language, PostgreSQL packs numerous features to complete the majority of the data operations. Its proven architecture caused to stand strong in the industry for more than 30 years.

PostgreSQL Stats

  • PostgreSQL wins the ranking score of 618 in the most popular database management systems list as of August 2022.
  • In 2021, 18% of the survey participants identified PostgreSQL as an important skill set.

PostgreSQL Key Features

  • Numerous data types like primitive, structured, document, geometry, and customizations
  • Primary keys, foreign keys, and exclusion constraints for data integrity.
  • Concurrency and performance are the major features of PostgreSQL.
  • Disaster recovery is effortless, thanks to the special focus made on it.
  • Support for international character sets is available.

Brands using PostgreSQL

  • Twitch
  • Instagram
  • Apple
  • Skype


A free-to-use management system is containing SQL relational database. FirebirdSQL is popular on different platforms, Like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. From excellent concurrency to high performance and powerful language support, FirebirdSQL can be a perfect fit to satisfy your database management needs.

FirebirdSQL Stats

  • 1 million software developers use database software worldwide (Source).
  • It is one of the best and few open-source database software to pick.

FirebirdSQL Key Features

  • The multi-generation architecture enables the development and support of hybrid OLTP and OLAP applications, making it a key feature of FirebirdSQL.
  • It is a powerful, developer-friendly SQL language tool with active table concepts and user-defined functions.
  • Logging and monitoring are easy with real-time monitoring and SQL debugging.
  • Standard security delivering users and roles and implementing database owner concept.

Brands using FirebirdSQL

  • The Examiner newspaper
  • US Navy
  • British Rail


With its high availability and scalability opportunities, Apache Cassandra is trusted by thousands of companies. The open-source database is owned by Apache, where the company strongly delivers its highly useful linear scalability and proven fault-tolerance on cloud infrastructure. Cassandra will be your best pick if you are looking for Apache database software.

Cassandra Stats

  • Apache Cassandra registered a 118.15 score ranking as the most popular database management software worldwide in 2022.
  • 5.03% of the developers in 2021 believed that software developers must have Cassandra database skills.

Cassandra Key Features

  • Cassandra is a hybrid with the lowest latency for the complete data center experience, whether it is private or public clouds.
  • With the Fault Tolerant, all the failed nodes can be replaced with minimal or no downtime.
  • Cassandra’s main features are Reliability and stability since it is already tested on as many as 1000 nodes and different use cases.
  • Cassandra claims that it can outperform other NoSQL alternatives.

Brands using Cassandra

  • Instacart
  • Spotify
  • Uber


Sybase Database offers data server and back server functionalities to its users. It can have multiple databases in a single or individual data engine. However, Sybase Database maps the oracle schema but with better opportunities.


  • 26,722 companies use Sybase, with most of them being United States-based (Source)
  • On average, Sybase developer earns $90,000 in New York, which is a good compensation stat.

SYBASE Key Features

  • Improved performance of transaction processing gives access to faster data to the users.
  • It improves the hurdles in reading and writing data to the websites.
  • Encryption is a key feature of Sybase.
  • SQL scripts are highly supported to frame a more common database management software.

Brands using SYBASE

  • California State University
  • Red Hat Inc
  • Blackfriars Group


IBM Db2 is one of the leading database management systems made for database experts. It empowers enterprises to achieve low latency in transactions and monitor real-time analytics of the workloads. It is extremely available and integrates intelligent automation.

IBM-DB2 Stats

  • IBM Db2 scores 157, ranking in the list of most popular database management software worldwide in 2022.
  • 0.57% of the software developers suggest IBM DB2 as of 2021.

IBM-DB2 Key Features

  • Continuous availability with zero tolerance to failure is the key feature of IBM DB2.
  • Security stays at the core, protecting important data of users.
  • Scaling up is effortless with IMB DB2 whenever the workload increases and users need performance changes to maintain the increased workload.
  • Automation is another key feature since it is one of the smartest databases available.

Brands using IBM-DB2

  • Swiss Re
  • Nike

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Wrapping up & Which is the Best Database Management Tool?

The above database list delivers ample alternatives for database management tools for 2024. After reading the entire list, you must be willing to know which is the best database management tool. But there is no specific answer to the best database management tools.

Instead, the requirements and the services offered by the database management software determine the best fit for your needs. Yet, the oracle database achieved the highest rank in the most popular database worldwide in 2022, and mobile app development companies or top database experts continually use it for database needs.



What Database Should I Use?

Ample database software tools are available for you to use in the coming 2024. As the article provides, you can choose from the Oracle database, MySQL, MariaDB, and more.

Which is the best Database for Web Applications in 2024?

You can choose from Oracle DB, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and much more for 2023 and 2024.

Why Is There a Need for Reliable Databases in 2024?

In 2022, Storing and organizing the essential data is vital for every business. Thus, to achieve the same, there is a need for a reliable database. So that all the business operations run smoothly and flawlessly while engaging with the data.

Top 10 Database for Web Applications to Pick in 2023

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