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Major tips to make your app “Hot-seller” on Google PlayStore in 2020: Success Mantra

Congratulations to every business entity that deals with mobile app development on their successful app launch & earn in 2019. Now, you are must be adhered to make your 2020 best year yet then Let’s begin the new year with best practices to grow your business, release with confidence, and access valuable insights in the Play console.

Success Mantra that will make your app trendy in 2020

Here we are revealing some demonstrated achievement tips that have made 2019 more fabulous year ever for some business and ready to make your app even greatest success on Google Play in 2020.

Work on the app’s performance & quality improvement

Review your Android vitals dashboard to perceive how your app is performing on center vitals measurements, including crash rate, ANR rate, excessive wakeups, and stuck partial wake-locks in the background. The Play Console can even send you an email when we distinguish an unexpected spike in an essential. To get these notifications, select Notification settings close to the upper right of the Overview page.

To perceive how you match others in your category, make a custom companion gathering. The benchmark data here can assist you in choosing whether you ought to put more in fixing execution issues or app size. When you have evaluated your metrics, you can follow these accepted practices to improve your app quality and boost discoverability.

Put modernization in distribution with the help of Android App Bundle

Change to the Android App Bundle to help disentangle your launches, shrink your download size, and prepared your app or game for innovative delivery features. Replacing the monolithic APK, the app bundle is essential to our vision for present-day app and game circulation. Over 360K apps and games have done the switch, with an average size reserve fund of 20% compared with a widespread APK. Need to realize the amount you could spare? See what has the most significant impact on your app’s download size and analyze your size against peers and the app size report.

Perform spring-cleaning for store listing 

Ensure your store listing is aware regarding your most recent product information and our recommended rules:

App icons should be designed as the latest patterns

For videos, we suggest that you show the in-app or in-game experiences, concentrating on the core features and content in the initial 30 seconds. We additionally propose landscape orientations over portrait orientations.

Turn off monetization for your video and set the security setting to open or unlisted.

Make sure your feature graphic conveys on the app or game experiences and maintain a strategic distance from noticeable marking or app icon. Keep your point of focus towards the focal point of the realistic and keep up a 15% support from every one of the four edges.

For games, ensure you give at least three 16:9 screenshots and a video — you’ll be qualified to be eligible in more prominent featured positions, which can build your change rate.

You can likewise make custom store listing and run A/B tests on your store listing to improve your content.

Low-risk, high-reward should be a prior approach 

Utilize one or the entirety of tools to assist you with launching with certainty:

Early testing of the app is very much needed or makes it scalable with a public beta.

Technical issues should be identified, and the address of those issues before the release of the app should take place.

Update releasing to a small percentage of the users with staged rollouts to be confirmed based on optimal performance before rolling out to everyone.

Reviews evaluations & user feedback’s response 

Have you checked in with your users lately? Investigate your recent reviews and ratings in the Play Console to reveal themes, see what features have the best effect on your reviews, and more.

Remember to react to your reviews, as users value making an individual association. Your reaction can bigly affect how they feel about your app. We’ve seen users update their rating by +0.7 stars by and large when developers react to their input. To assist you with a beginning, we give recommended answers to reviews in English dependent on the content of the feedback.

Perform pre-registration for a big launch slot 

In case you’re planning to release another app or game soon, consider making a pre-registration campaign. Turning on pre-registration will make your Play store posting discoverable before you launch, permitting users to join to be informed once your app is live. It’s an extraordinary method to drive awareness and build expectations for a higher, increasingly active launch. You can even boost users with pre-registration rewards.

SDKs ought to be updated 

SDK developers endeavor to keep their product current with the most recent policy changes and security fixes, so make a point to update your app’s SDKs consistently — particularly for SDKs in data-heavy classifications like analytics or advertising. This is additionally a decent time to twofold check that your SDK uses HTTPS for default communication to backend servers.

Avail store listing optimization, growth & monetization training 

Push yourself ways faster this year? Hone your abilities — or gain proficiency with a new one — with the Academy for App Success. Have some best training to get your app growth, mobile app monetization, and store listing at their best with the best practices and tips.

Communicating lines ought to be clear 

To wrap things up, take one moment to ensure your essential account email address is exceptional. That is the place we’ll send significant messages about your record and updates to Google Play, so be certain it’s an inbox you check consistently.

RipenApps always makes their headline-worthy with Successful proof.

Well, RipenApps have already started procuring this mantra and have made one of our mobile apps- a hot selling & trending sensational app on Google PlayStore.
We find immense pleasure to share a recent milestone achieved by us in the Education Domain within a few hours of a successful launch. Latest Playstore’s Sensation — eGurukul– (India’s biggest online Platform for PG Medical Entrance Examination) mobile app developed by RipenApps has set an exceptional record on PlayStore by availing top position in Top Trending apps category with 10K+ downloads in just a few hours.

Have some glimpse of PlayStore’s latest winning app in the Education App category- eGurukul at RipenApps’ success’ corner.

Get your app idea also a big sensation with RipenApps.

We trust these tips and best practices help you seriously develop your business this year. Got any proposals of your own? We, a leading android app development company, generally love to hear your input and thoughts, so please let us know by hitting a mail at Here’s to an incredible 2020 with Google Play!



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