Stay Safe at Home- Let Your Mobile App Fight During an Outbreak
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Stay Safe at Home: Let Your Mobile App Fight During an Outbreak

During the past 3 months, new major epidemic foci of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19), some without traceable origin, have been identified and are rapidly expanding in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. A report says that millions of people across the globe have been infected & there is no antidote of this pandemic that has been made as of now.

As coronavirus spreads, most of the companies have announced work from home policy and every single person in the country & world had asked to limit himself/herself time outdoors.

The impact of the virus is such that every facet of the on-demand industry has been affected, whether it be a restaurant, education, taxi, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, parcel apps, etc. In the time, when everything is under the “Lockdown” situation, only internet & mobile apps are there to help you out in every situation either it is continuing to take the important lecture, asking for food or looking for medicines.

How Apps are helping to reduce some of the anxieties of On-demand Industry:

Well, the main barrier with the on-demand industry is that people don’t like to be held in whatever is being ordered & this universal truth is applicable to all types of on-demand services. Where everything seems to be locked, then Mobile Apps (On-demand apps) are a breath of relief in this case.

Mobile apps are catering to every major industry to provide at least some pinch of relaxation.

Major industries suffering due to Corona & apps are healing apparently:

COVID-19 has affected millions of lives and impacting almost every business directly & in-directly.
Does it mean to close the business? No, it would reflect a big toss for the whole nation.

Mobile Applications are adding a pinch of relaxation by catering to people some sort of services in this adverse period.

Have a look at how one can solve their quite hurdles from apps- industry-wise.

Education Industry

Education centers, especially schools, colleges coaching centers are highly vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic. Schools and coaching centers across the world are shutting down to protect the children & teachers from this epidemic. This is a significantly damaging global education system.
Education mobile app solutions can minify the loss being caused by this coronavirus-outbreak.
From virtual classrooms to video lectures, to test papers, to course content, everything is accessible via online learning through education mobile app solutions.
There are various mobile apps that are bridging the gap between learners & tutors.
Apps like- e-Gurukul, NewLight, ByJu’s, etc.

Healthcare & Fitness Industry

Medicines, sanitizers and other required medical services are mandatory to have in the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus. People cannot go outside to buy such mandatories. Hence, mobile healthcare (Healthcare app solutions) have opened the ways that have resulted in people buying out sanitizers and other medicines through mobile apps in such a crucial time.
Telemedicine is revolutionizing the healthcare industry in one more way & could be effective in this corona outbreak. This enables to remotely monitor & care patients. With the help of telemedicine, the doctor can provide the necessary services for COVID-19 infected people.
In fitness: everyone is afraid of hitting the Gym and not even leaving their room for the same. Well, in that case, Fitness apps offer live classes featuring every basic exercise & yoga flow taught by top fitness instructors.

Virtual WorkPlaces

Leading companies were asked to shut down their offices in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, which included Apple and other leading & startups companies. This care is genuine. On the other hand, this fact cannot be denied that organizations & economies are facing loss.
Well, Technology & app solutions are helping out to resolve this problem strategically. Companies have started working remotely and started co-ordinating, discussing plans & scheduling meetings over virtual networks.
Employees have started using Skype & other mobile apps to communicate with each of their team members for making this outbreak doesn’t make their business suffer.

E-Commerce Industry

Everyone is aware of the news that many of the shopping malls and clothes stores are closing following the coronavirus outbreak. Many of the brands are facing a huge loss due to this outbreak.
E-commerce apps solve this problem as both the seller & buyer can sell or purchase the goods via checking out in the stores through mobile apps. Likewise, customers can buy the products from their home & without including themselves in the risk of infection. M-commerce is making the people live slighter easily by making online shopping user friendly.

Banking & Finance

Visiting banks & ATMs have become risky than ever. Though, banks are forced to shut down in this pandemic situation. This is the time where, mobile payments come into the picture, where one can make their every payment using mobile apps (Paytm, Phonepe, BHIM UPI, etc.).
Digital Payment solutions have long been revolutionizing the banking & finance industry, but in such a crucial situation, these medium are becoming more crucial where physical outlets are forced to stay closed.

Closing Notes:

It takes immense strength & realistic thinking to become a successful entrepreneur. Mobile apps give us ways to be optimistic even in a crucial time. We at RipenApps, always helped our customers to overcome business barriers via providing them outstanding mobile app solution & time-to-time business-related consultancy.

At RipenApps, we provide mobile app development services that have upgraded the business of many across the world and always cater best in every industry from education to healthcare, to entertainment, to food & restaurants, to e-commerce and many more.

Let’s make our willpower high and break this coronavirus outbreak with the help of mobile apps.

Meanwhile, stay safe, maintain social distancing and use mobile apps for every work of yours.

Ishan Gupta

Ishan Gupta

CEO & Founder

With a strong belief that inclusion of mobile technology and digitalisation of processes for any individual or a business will help them to ease their life so that they can be more focused on their Core Business functions, with this intent and an experience of 6+ years our service ranges from consultancy to build next-generation mobile applications for Entrepreneurs/Startups to Enterprise Businesses. Our goal is to provide optimum quality services to our clients at the best reasonable price in the market.

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