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How To Decide Among POC vs MVP vs Prototype For Your Mobile Application

Many Entrepreneur, Businesses and Industries faces challenges in deciding whether they will move ahead with their idea of mobile application development as a Proof Of Concept(POC), Minimal Viable Product(MVP), Prototype or a combination.

Since all three approaches have its own impact of its utilization, therefore a proper understanding of each aspect and picking the suitable approach will help the Stakeholder to maximize the chance of success of their idea among the user and all.

1. Proof Of Concept (POC)

This methodology is generally used when anyone has to prove a concept or a theory, that it is feasible or not in real time development. In most of the cases where a complex idea such as IoT integration need to be done top mobile app development company always try to create a POC so that they can assess project feasibility or feature success before jumping into development.

It helps the Stakeholder to validate their idea and have a small working model to share with their Investors and colleagues. Some time POC’s are also used to spread internal knowledge among the team to share experiences and inspire innovation for the emerging technologies.

While developing POC developers are not very focused on the designs, small bugs and user experience of the application, their only focus is to come to a conclusion that the idea is feasible to be executed in development,

2. Prototype

A prototype is a working and interactive model of an idea where a user can interact with it and process an end result. It is somehow a working model of the project that helps the development team and stakeholders to understand the design and navigation of the application.

Prototyping is an important part of the project lifecycle which helps you to understand how an application will look and behave at a certain user interaction, though it is not a real application. The main purpose of the prototype is to discover the errors at the early stage so that it will save the effort and time.

Creating a prototype rather than triggering the development first reduce the chances of miscommunication and gives a clear picture of the scope of work, hence maximize the efficiency of the development process.

3. Minimum Viable Product

An MVP is a version of the product which includes only the features that allow you to release it to market, solving a core problem for a set of users. It helps the product owner to test the usability, viability, assumptions, and demand among the real users.

It is an iterative process that allows you to learn how your users will react to your product before you waste a lot of money and resources building something they don’t want or need. With every release, you learn how users are adopting the features by tracking their behaviors and do the necessary changes to launch a mature and polished product.

Exploration and experimentation using these techniques will produce better end results and create products that are above all, valuable for the user. With a better understanding of POCs, prototypes, and MVPs, you’ll be able to avoid common product development mistakes by testing for feature validity or market viability to ensure product success.

Are you still not able to identify which method is best to kick-start your idea, we help us to clarify more according to your need. Let us initiate a discussion of your next big idea with us.

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