How Agile is Worthy for Mobile App Development
Piyush Agrawal
Piyush Agrawal

How Agile is Worthy for Mobile App Development?

A largest & longest running research on app development industry, which has covered thousands of mobile apps, operating systems and diverse software projects etc, has revealed many inherent flaws. You know what- one of the main flaws that come out in this report is how to define mobile app success?

The answer to “How to define the success of the mobile app” is “on-time & on-budget delivery having all features & functionalities” defines the success of mobile app development.

Well, every enterprises, startups & entrepreneur is looking forward to grabbing the process through which they can learn & earn more.

Pay the attention because here we are going to disclose a terrific way to make your mobile app development successful and turn your business towards the road of high revenue.

Without wasting time, let us tell you the approach to gain success- “Adopt Agile in a while”  Yes Agile!

Well Agile is not a tool by the way but Agile is a development methodology- it is an vital approach that builds the mobile apps incrementally, instead of conveying the entire product near the end of time. This process is flexible, allowing you to make alterations on an as needed.

Why Adopt Agile Approach To Gain Success?

If you deliver, exactly what you predicted it means you didn’t learn anything through the process of developing that mobile app. In Agile, app development is a discovery process, with frequent feedback from our customers. We’re learning how to create a more valuable and useful product as we build it. This is one of the primary advantages of doing Agile app development.

In order to provide a path to every startup & mobile app development companies in a way to grab success via their developed mobile apps, Agile has become the go-to frameworks for helping those.

Being a startup or enterprises if you haven’t adopted agile for your mobile app development then have it now, because…

1. To Develop Quality Product

It was a normal & very common approach to test the mobile app before its launch, but with Agile, testing is integrated throughout every phase of app development to ensure a quality-rich app. Frequent testing left no rooms for bugs & issues.

2. Fast Time to market

As speed matters to the startups to grow fast in the Tech-world, Agile works in integrated manner and it allows teams to deploy frequently & swiftly.

3. Experience Flexibility

Flexibility is commended as one of the most advantageous reasons to use Agile. Because the agile methodology allows for alterations, there is always a space for mistakes and the chance to alter. This led an app developer to perform specific changes at any time in the app.

4. Provide Solution in Budget

Agility is proven to save money and most importantly, it helps startups to invest fund wisely. This will lead every startups & enterprises to earn more & more ROI by spending less.

5. Special Focus on People & Collaborations

Agile find a solid spotlight on individuals and joint effort, Which furnishes the application development group with numerous chances to work with the client and comprehend their vision.

6. Decrease Menace

Working away at little sections of app development errands that develop to the comprehensive view will enable you to recognize threats early. Decreasing risk and making it less demanding to react to any modifications.

7. User Review Work as Mirror

As a rule, Agile uses user stories to depict application’s highlights. When you make user stories, you will concentrate on understanding the genuine prerequisites clients have, rather than creating highlights that could turn out futile.

8. Result-Oriented

Rather than centering towards the app development process, the group will be headed to profit achievements and results.

Ending Note:

Agile works wonders about for mobile app development whether you actualize it effectively. Particularly for littler errands, for example, working out a specific component. The key point to remember is that you have to characterize your true objective.

Toward the day’s end, you have to make Agile work for your business needs. It’s hard to be totally Agile, nonetheless, If you can consolidate the fitting standards in your very own Mobile app development will be quicker and increasingly proficient.

If your business aims to earn more, must go with Agile and for any query we are right here to help you out. All you can drop a mail at [email protected] .


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Piyush Agrawal

Piyush Agrawal

Chief Operating Officer

Piyush, the Chief Operating Officer at RipenApps, oversees overall operations to ensure that they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission. With the profound business & technical acumen, he comprehends what the clients need in terms of product and service delivery.

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