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Why Choose Ionic Framework For Hybrid App Development?

We live in an era in which technology is impacting every aspect of life. New developments emerge every single day and giving the world afresh mean of using the internet. In the world of internet, there is a mobile application for everything whether it is Healthcare, Dating, Chatting, or Ride-sharing. By the time you imagine that application, it more likely available to download. Mobile app development is not the same as it uses to be in traditional time. The process included simple decisions like designs, features, and cost of building the app & flexibility to run across various platforms. The scenario has completely changed now. Mobile app development process now depends on one of the most important factors and that is Mobile app development framework which supports hybrid app development

Let’s Introduce The Best Framework For Mobile App Development.

The Ionic framework for hybrid mobile app development guarantees that you have the power of app development with the customized user-experience that comes through native mobile app development.

The Ionic Framework is an absolute open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development which was launched by Drifty Co. in 2013. Just in few years of duration and ionic frameworks rooted itself among the developers worldwide as a cutting-edge technology. It provides tools & services for the hybrid app development using technologies like CSS, HTML5 etc.

Mobile & web apps with Ionic mainly focus on appearance, feel & UI. Ionic uses a combination of Apache Cordova & Angular which gives developers a strong reason to opt it more often.

Benefits of Ionic Framework

One can develop a single mobile application for various platforms such as Android, iOS by one-time development, and a method called as hybrid app development process.

Provide flexibility, so that one can develop the apps using tools like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

Ionic mainly focus on UI designing which led users a great interaction as well as experience with the app.

Ionic provide simplicity to the developers by allowing them to opt from various existing elements to build an app.

Ionic 2: let’s Have Some Brief About Ionic 2

Although Ionic had gained a huge success there is still a place to improve the way things are going. The necessity to provide advanced solutions to the mobile & web app developers led to the development of Ionic 2. Developers of a technology had a broad perspective as they considered the current as well as future needs in the market.

The features of Ionic 1 certainly took the ionic app development to the next levels, but Ionic 2 has introduced Angular 2 with its great features.

Benefits of Ionic 2 Framework

Ionic 2 comes with the power of Angular 2.

A well structured and organized with folders for various uses. Ionic 2 improves the clarity of the work done for easy access when needed.

It was possible with Ionic 1 as well, but not by default.

Ionic 2 comes with great tools that allow many commands to be accessed at the same time. It helps ionic app developers to view the final products that how it looks like.

Well, Let’s Discuss On Some Reasons Why Choose Ionic Framework For Hybrid App Development.

Because it is Easy to Move Across Various Platforms

It’s an obvious concern while developing an application that the app you are going to develop will run on many platforms, either it is Android or iOS. Well, Ionic frameworks will give you this opportunity of doing that easily because Ionic provide the flexibility to convert an application from one OS to another one.

Because of its Open-Source Nature

Open-source means stability. Since Ionic has no instability hurdles, ionic developers can make complete use of this open source feature and even guarantee a complete stability to mobile applications developed on the same platform.

Because It Is Angular Base

Angular is a very popular framework in developing both mobile apps as well as web apps. So after learning this language, you’ll be able to learn how to develop web apps. The data-binding feature & extension to HTML’s syntax makes this framework the most prevalent for mobile app development.

Because Of Its Cordova Based Plugins

The plugin is a piece of code attached to your application that is coded in JavaScript, which allows you to perform multiple tasks because it is close to the native language of the platform you are working on.

Cordova Plugins help you to get access to the different features of the operating system, like Geo-location, Camera, Battery, and so many others.

Because It Gives Impressive UI

When it comes on the beautiful app with impressive UI & UX designs and feel, the Ionic framework is the way to go. Well, it is because the CSS & JavaScript features included in Angular will let you customize the app with different buttons, menus, color patterns etc. The ionic framework gives the better options in this zone.

Because You Have Big Community To Talk

Well, it’s quite challenging to come up with an open source productive framework in the world that literally runs on payments but the ionic community is quite vast and active on social platforms such as blog posts, forums and commenting to address the possible problems faced by developers at the time of using framework for the mobile app development. Just like ionic has a reputation for robust software which to many but understood by only a few.

Final Words

The ionic framework provides an interactive hybrid application when combined with Angular JS & Cordova as compare to iPhone app development & Android app development.

Hence, behind choosing Ionic, you have many reasons. Go on and try working out on this hybrid of three languages and discuss us about its result.

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