iOS 13.2.3 update
Prankur Haldiya
Prankur Haldiya

Apple has Released New iOS 13.2.3 Update to Fix More Bugs & Hiccups

  • Apple’s new iOS 13.2.3 update has released now
  • What is in the Update: Areas of improvement
  • How to get this version and name of supporting devices
  • What is in Apple’s expected iOS version 13.3 update?

Less than two weeks after the last iOS 13 update, Apple is back with another minor change to solve some more hiccups and glitches, this time raising the version number to iOS 13.2.3 Update. iOS 13.2 was the latest significant update when it included help for Deep Fusion photography and the AirPods Pro a month ago.

This one gives iPads, and iPhones fixes intended to address issues with the inherent Mail, Files, and Notes apps, just as an issue that could prevent the app from downloading data in the background – Apple didn’t refer to any fixes for security issues.

Which hiccups have been settled in this new update? 

Apple is presently fixing an issue where system search and search inside Mail, Files, and Notes might not work
If you use an app that downloads content in the background, and you’ve seen odd issues in iOS 13.2.2 or previously, Apple is presently tending to this in the new update.
Mail is likewise getting updated to fix issues fetching new messages or quoting messages from Exchange accounts.
The primary another fix that is recorded on Apple’s release notes for iOS 13.2.3 is concerning an issue where photographs, links, and different attachments haven’t been showing appropriately in the iMessage details see.

How to get this version & name of supportive devices 

It’s presently available to download on supported iPhones, with iPadOS 13.2.3 for useful iPads.
Tap to the Settings app on the device and afterward choose General,

 Then Software Update.

 When you’ve tapped on Download and Install, it’ll have you ready for action again in a matter of seconds.

What is expected in Apple’s new coming iOS version 13.3? 

Apple is additionally testing betas of iOS 13.3, which is expected to include some minor options like better support for FIDO2-compliant security keys that use USB, Lightning, or NFC. The present iOS 13.2.3 update will likewise include any security updates for iOS and iPadOS, and you can download it promptly from your settings menu.

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Prankur Haldiya

Prankur Haldiya

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