WhatsApp Pay Will Be Available In India Later This Year
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

WhatsApp Pay Will Be Available In India Later This Year

Having more than 400 million users in India, WhatsApp has covered almost every portion of the world by its marvellous instant messaging feature. Now with the tremendous pace, this instant messaging app confirmed its gigantic reach in its biggest market via confirming the launch of WhatsApp Pay.

WhatsApp Pay program has been wedged in the testing phase in India for quite a while now. But, the wait might finally be over. The company‘s global chief, Will Cathcart, said as the Facebook-owned messaging giant taps an upsurge in digital payments means the UPI-based payment service will officially launch in its dominant market by the end of 2019.

See what the company’s head stated in FAQ-

We’re building a new payment feature for India that enables people to send money to each other via WhatsApp easily. We are beta testing this feature, so it’s only available to a limited number of people in India. Please be aware that the payments feature will change over time as we add more capabilities.”

Well, The Bigger Picture Is-

WhatsApp Pay is ready to give a tough fight to the Leading payment mediums Paytm, Google Pay, Phonepe, Mobikwik, etc.

  • Because, having massive popularity and huge use-base counts, WhatsApp Payments has the potential to rock India’s mobile payment market & now it’s going to be a tough fight for other mobile payment entities.
  • WhatsApp Pay could use follow WeChat Pay’s business model because WeChat Pay is holding the number 1 position in China’s market with more than 800 million monthly active users(MAU). As WeChat’s popularity has given a huge rise to its payment feature just like that WhatsApp Pay is expecting to become a big hit in India’s market due to having huge demand.
  • As India’s digital payment is expected to grow from $200 billion in 2018 to $1 trillion in 2023, WhatsApp Pay could leverage the top place among India’s other digital payment methods.

A Quick Look Over WhatsApp Pay’s Working and Other Expected Services

WhatsApp Pay: Overture

WhatsApp Pay is an UPI-based payment where WhatsApp users can connect their UPI-enabled bank accounts and transfer money through the messaging app. This feature of payment from WhatsApp underpins every single prominent bank like HDFC, ICICI, State Bank of India, Axis Bank, and even Airtel Payments Bank.

WhatsApp Pay: How to Facilitate

Payment services from WhatsApp aren’t accessible for all users in India. WhatsApp beta users will no doubt have the feature on their app. To begin utilizing the services, a WhatsApp Pay user needs to start payment to a contact. When the request is received, the user can set up their UPI account on WhatsApp. Users would then be able to send and get money on WhatsApp itself.

WhatsApp Pay: How to Use

WhatsApp Pay is as straightforward as sending photographs and videos on the app. Users can send money legitimately through chat by tapping on the share file icon in the chat bar and choosing payments. There’s a committed ‘Payments’ segment accessible under the shortcut menu. Users can check their transitions, history, and record details here.

WhatsApp Pay: Transaction Modes

During the underlying phase, WhatsApp Pay enabled users to send money just to their contacts after which it empowered UPI ID. WhatsApp Pay users could enter the UPI ID and send money. Later WhatsApp presented QR code for its payment services. Each WhatsApp Pay client has a unique QR code, which users can check and send money.

Benefits and Advantages of WhatsApp Pay

  • Make payment to anybody on WhatsApp contact list from anywhere and at whenever
  • Easy to understand ‘pay’ feature that makes transferring money as simple as sending a photograph or a message
  • The payee/recipient will get a payment notification on their chat window once the store move has been made
  • There is no compelling reason to ask the payee for account details, for example, account number or IFSC Code. All you need is a virtual address to make payments
  • The WhatsApp In-Chat Pay app is a standout payment feature.

This new digital payment medium- What’s Pay has already collected huge popularity before the rollout of its services. Hence, this in-app chat payment medium is going to create a massive reach in the coming time.

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