Google Greets Its New Version Chrome 76 with Fascinating Updates
Prankur Haldiya
Prankur Haldiya

Google Greets Its New Version Chrome 76 with Fascinating Updates

Google released its Chrome’s latest version Chrome 76 yesterday along with the new changes and updates. This latest version brought features and updates that are aimed to enhance the user experience and to increase transparency between the browser and the users. The new beta features some key changes to dark mode, Flash, Incognito mode, progressive web apps, and more.

Following the Mac, Windows, and Linux update, Chrome 76 is now for Android also. One of the most significant user-facing changes is harder to detect Incognito Mode, while there are several features that web developers can take advantage of.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) Get Easier Installation

Now with Chrome 76, installation of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) became easy on the desktop with the help of all new install button. Now the user will be able to find it in the Omnibox instead of the three-dots menu where it previously was. The appearance would seem like a Plus icon with “install” written on it. Now PWAs will see regular updates instead of showing it on three days.

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Incognito Mode Detection is now harder than ever

Secondly, Chrome 76 also prevents websites from detecting Incognito mode as sites could detect you are in incognito mode by making FileSystme API request, which is disabled now.

By closing the loopholes like bypassing paywalls on the web, Google has blocked those websites, which use this trick to block visitors who are in incognito mode.

Google said sites should hold their fire and respect user privacy before undertaking any “reactive measures” such as deploying new Incognito Mode detection methods.

One-Step Closer To Flash Death

Chrome has disabled Flash by default from all the websites in its latest update of Chrome 76. Starting with Chrome 76, users will have to re-enable Flash for every page they visit it, and every time they use Chrome, making the whole process of playing Flash content an ordeal. Users can still enable flash, but it will only be available in click-to-play mode. Also, Google Chrome will not support flash after December 2020.

Websites can’t Hijack Escape Key

Chrome 76 also changes how Chrome interprets Escape key presses. This update is being rolled out as part of a security-focused change meant to make it harder for shady sites to open unwanted popups, Google said in May. Users can use the Escape key to stop a website from loading, and they will be able to close full-screen videos and dialog boxes.

Websites will experience Dark modes now

This latest Chrome 76 update will allow websites to detect whether the user is using a dark mode or a light mode and will enable the websites to switch to a similar theme as of the user.

If you’ve enabled dark mode, the site can automatically enable a dark mode theme for you. Web developers can take advantage of this with the “prefers-color-scheme” media query in CSS.

Chrome 76 Will Let You Keep an Eye on Extensions

Now, with the latest update of Chrome 76, user can see hoe Google Extensions are working and how they collect your data. This feature has been hidden as of now. Once it enabled the –enable-extension-activity-logging flag, you can select any extension on the Extensions settings page, click on details and then View Activity log to see what an extension is doing.

Chromebooks Get GPU Acceleration for Linux Apps

A few months back, Google brought Linux apps to Chromebooks. Those Linux apps didn’t have access to GPU acceleration, which meant graphically intensive apps like games didn’t run effortlessly.

Chrome 76 will solve the problem of GPU acceleration for Chromebooks. This will ensure smooth functioning of Linux apps and will enhance the gaming experience on Intel Chromebooks.

Clearing Notifications Is Easy Now With Latest Chrome

If you are the one who hates clearing notifications in Chrome OS, then trust me, you are not the one who is alone of doing this. The more notification, the more will time take to delete.

Now you can remove notifications without scrolling. Chrome 76 will move the ‘Clear All’ button at the top of the notification list so that you don’t have to scroll further.

Chrome 76 will also feature other updates and developments, but these features are more suited to developers and carry functions that will not cater to regular users.

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