mWallet App Development Guide: Market Growth, Stats & Facts, Required Features
Radhika Yadav
Radhika Yadav

An Exclusive mWallet App Development Guide: Market Growth, Stats & Facts, Required Features

Mobile transactions always give you the next level of competition for perfection. Consumers are getting more and more relied on smart devices to pay.

  • What is the mWallet app & where it can use?
  • What is the market reach of mWallet Apps?
  • Essential Stats & facts of mWallet sector
  • Top market player of mWallet app
  • What are the required features to build an unbeatable mWallet app?

Due to the extensive use of mobile devices, there is no surprise to say that the world is now adopting mobile payment solutions and paving an immense growth in no-cash transition. Mobile payment and P2P payments rapid adoption are fueling the growth of mWallet payment services globally. Mobile Wallet apps like PayTm, PayPal, PayU Money, PhonePe, Google Pay, and others are also in the league of mobile wallet apps. They made monetary transactions incessant and our lives simpler. Since, mobile wallet apps are helping in making our monetary transitions a bit easier, and have started a league of Go-Cashless; everyone has started relying on mobile payment apps for making their secure & easy money transactions. In the era of “Go-Cashless,” mWallet app development is the magnetic way to boost the business like PayTm and Google Pay is booting their own.

mWallet Specification & its Uses:

Monetary transactions in which customers make online and in-store purchases, pay bills and send or receive money with the use of a mobile device. Instead of paying with cash or credit cards, payments can be performed through a barcode, a downloaded app, a web browser, or a text message.

With the proliferation of mobile wallet apps in recent years, businesses and individuals alike are adapting to this new form of payment processing.

Before availing further insights, let us prove the market strength of mWallet apps.

Market Coverage of mWallet Apps:

  • In 2017, there were over 1.6 billion consumers recorded proximity mobile payment users worldwide.
  • Approx. 2.07 billion Consumers use a mobile wallet to purchase in 2019 worldwide
  • With forecasts projecting over 1.1 billion users in 2021

China is currently the largest adopter of mobile payments, but other countries are starting to catch up.

Mobile money services have rapidly increased in frequently underbanked markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, fueling the global growth of mobile consumer payments services by enabling hundreds of millions of people to participate in a multitude of electronic transactions for the first time.

Other Statistics & Facts About mWallet

Acc. to the 2019 survey, 29% of American users prefer their Smartphones to pay.

Mobile payments are on the rise and expected to generate close to 190 billion U.S. dollars in transaction value in the United States by 2021

Share percentage of users in mWallet usage:

  • Share of U.S. consumers who would like to pay with their Smartphones all the time is 29%.
  • Share of mobile payment users who have used Google Pay to pay in-store, at food & restaurants sectors, or in other industries in the past 12 months is 34%
  • Share of U.S. online shoppers who think that mobile payment is more efficient than other payment methods is 38%

Total revenue of the global mobile market from 2015 to 2019

Total revenue of the global mobile market from 2015 to 2019

Top Market Players of mWallet:

Here we uncover the name of top mobile wallet market players that have a huge user base in the past 5 years till now, and also have availed immense popularity in terms of revenue as well as downloads.

Top market players of m-wallet app

After analyzing the increasing and productive stats of mWallet usage, including a large user base,  high revenue rate, more significant market share, it’s clear that diving down in mWallet app development will surely fuel the business growth as well as revenue bar.

To clarify, let’s take a closer look at the most demanding features that will make your mobile payment app the best one among all competitors.

Required Features of Mobile Wallet Apps that should be included:

1). The Solutions

Bluetooth and iBeacon

It likewise distinguishes your close-by friends for making payments. The Bluetooth and the iBeacon technologies help to make the payment transitions very securely and quickly. Thus, today’s user community especially grasps these developing technologies.

QR Codes

Individuals utilize these kinds of mWallet Mobile apps for making installments to the individuals they now and again meet. Users additionally pay the ones who are a piece of their working environment or social network. Such sort of mobile app requires checking the QR code of the other user’s phone, with whom you need to make exchanges. You can do it in a genuinely smooth and disentangled manner.

Blockchain Apps

A mWallet mobile App controlled by the blockchain is one of the evolving trends for making payments. The reason being it is profoundly secure and permanent. Governmental organizations and money related foundations, for the most part, utilize these mobile apps, as they need to move a tremendous amount.

Payment Apps

Such mWallet Mobile Solutions suits best with the business necessities. Just one business can cooperate with the different companies and the local merchants and can move the money adequately. With the assistance of customized mobile apps, moving gigantic sums turns out to be incredibly monitored. It likewise guarantees no outsider inclusion while making the payments.

2). User Panel

User’s Registrations

This is the significant segment of an app; the user can sign-in with the social network or email account credentials.

Authorized bank account

Users can choose the bank details from which they need to make the transactions. They can enlist a specific ledger and can pay with it at any moment.

Add balance

The user can include a specific measure of balance in their account, as indicated by the need.

Check balance status

When every one of the transactions made, the user can see their account balance and can check all the incoming and outgoing cash flows.

Transfer money

The user can transfer the funds to add up to the next concerned user by entering the account details. In this way, allowing the transactions can be useful and advantageous.

Pay bills

Users can pay bills using their registered bank accounts to keep up the track of all the cash flows in a helpful manner.

Accept payments

They can get the payments also. Users can accept the payment securely just by sharing their relating account details.

View offers

Under this area, the user can see the offers and redeem the focuses while making the transactions.

Transaction history

Further, the mWallet app records and tracks every one of the transactions by the users. A user can scan for every one of the deals with the advanced filters from the transaction history.

Invite friends

Users can invite their friends also for sending and accepting the funds. Along these lines, it truly gets simple for them to transfer the amount as and when required. This as well, without asking account details the following day.

3.) Admin Panel:


The admin can track and monitor every one of the users registered with the app, their profile, and other fundamental data.

New offers

The admin deals with all the latest offers. He likewise oversees and screens proposals identified with the referrals, rewards, frequent transactions, and so forth, in like manner.

User management

Every one of the users that are related to the app and making the transactions are followed and observed by the admin.

Contact management

Admin deals with a few things. These include every one of the user-related to the app, transaction frequency, user retention, and acquisition techniques.

Analytics & Reporting

The mWallet app creates important details; for example, the reports identified with the quantity of user-related, kinds of offers most availed, number of transactions caused, app usability, and bounce rates. Admin can as needs be approved every one of the reports and can outline specific solutions for expanding the perceivability of the eWallet Mobile App.


As indicated by the user behavior and according to the count of rejected or unapproved payments forms, admin can obstruct the users. Similarly, he can likewise include new users’ requests depending on the number of users previously lined up with the app.

4). Advance Features:


This is one of the extraordinary features of an eWallet Mobile App. Even though, including this component will raise the cost of your app, however, then including it will fundamentally increase the perceivability and ubiquity of an app. With the assistance of GPS, the user can find the close by users and can make the payment by simply tapping on the user name. This spares a great deal of time as no account information is required to be filled, and the user can fundamentally achieve all the exchange.

Data synchronization

Presently while talking about the features of an eWallet Mobile App, the data synchronization is probably going to assume a significant job. The app is synchronized with your enrolled social account network and mobile number to convey significant level security and exactness.

The bank account linked with the mobile number is shown naturally. Consequently, the user need not fill the long bank account forms.

Booking schedule

Along these lines, with this feature, users need not recall the date for making the transaction. They can necessarily feature the time on the schedule. On a specific date, consequently, the alarm is sent to the user. Along these lines, the way toward making exchange turns out to be extremely simple and wards off the user from any payment related migraines. They can even impart the schedule to their friends also to make the whole payment ecosystem extremely powerful.

In-app camera

The in-app camera comes as the extraordinary use in the QR code scanning. With the assistance of an In-app camera, users can send the receipt of exchanges to different users. Users can affirm every one of the transactions inside an app to approve the entire fund transfer request in a split second.

Cloud activities

With the help of cloud activities, every one of the transactions can be put away in a protected and dependable form. The cloud activity helps in expanding the quality principles of your app and empowers the users in making the transactions in an exceptionally quicker way. It gets to the data in an all the more dominant way and catches high user retention.

Wearable reconciliation

Unquestionably, the users are these days searching for this feature. They can coordinate their app with the smart wearable devices and can screen every one of the transactions on the wrist. It adds incredibly to the user comfort and simultaneously characterizes another methodology and trend for making the payments with straightforward and basic methods.


This element works incredible for improving the security of the transaction. It creates a onetime code and conceals the data relating to credit/debit data from the merchants.

Pop-up messages

Push notifications help in keeping the users attentive and locked in. They can be kept educated about the various rewards, points, different deals, and alarms the users at whatever point a transaction is made or mentioned.

Digital Receipt

For all the accomplished transactions, a digital receipt is produced. The equivalent can be shared using Phone, email content, or inside an app.

Categorization & Portability

Users can categorize the various transactions and card details according to their benefit. They can, without much of a stretch, include cash and can share it over both on the online/offline modes.

Loyalty program

Offer rewards on each productive referral. Users get loyalty rewards, and simultaneously, it helps in expanding the app perceivability.


The all above-mentioned details of mWallet app development proves that mobile payment apps are creating buzz and have gained so much popularity in the current Go-Cashless era. As a result, many businesses have already established their fame in the world of mobile payment, and many are targeting to beat the competition. Those who are looking to beat the game can have a proper, in-depth look over this mentioned guide and can approach the best mobile app development company, which can develop the best mWallet app.

For further query and assistance regarding a complete mWallet app development cost and other features, reach us at [email protected] We would love to assist you.

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