Ionic 5 (Magnesium) Has Arrived To Benefit App Developers
Piyush Agrawal
Piyush Agrawal

Ionic 5 (Magnesium) Has Arrived To Benefit App Developers

The arrival of Ionic 5 has made every developer & designer peculiar, and this release has happened in the wake of Apple & Google coming up with new UX standards & design patterns for iOS & Android. The main focus of this new release is to provide users with highly engaging experiences so that conversion and adoption rates would increase at its peak. This new Ionic 5 is no less than a treat to developers so that from now onwards they all will have access to entire that is required to create native experiences on the latest mobile devices.

This new update is solely focused on improving user experiences via catching their eyes towards beautiful presentation as Design & UX being the crux of user engagement.

Creative Corner: What is New in Ionic 5

Well, to know that what is new in Ionic 5, let’s dive down and pick the pearls together.

iOS 13 Design Update

This new Ionic update carries a massive upgrading element across UI components. The recent update iOS 13 has also released many UI related updates, and this new Ionic is going to benefits them all. Let’s have some many more changes; Ionic is coming to matchup with native iOS.


With the new release of Magnesium, Ionic has changed the method checked & unchecked buttons are distinguished in iOS.

Rather than using a single indicator distinguished between the two buttons, this new update comes with a gesture using where the indicator can be dragged.


Well, iOS’s release of collapsible headers and Ionic launching the same support where specific components have been enabled, which can be added to the components responsible for headers. This is aimed to support in collapsing the headers without any hiccup.


In iOS 13, there was the concept of titles introduced that varies by size at scrolling the content. To aid the transitions, Ionic 5 has come up with components that enable the shrinking if large titles to a standard size. Along with large titles, Ionic 5 has come up with small titles (header note) which are generally used inside the toolbar above another toolbar.

Swipe to Close Modal

One more- that feature to Swipe down to close modal you must remember in iOS, now doesn’t need to cover the entire screen. Additionally, it also doesn’t need the user to hit the button to closing activity.

In Ionic 5, there will be modal displayed that is inset with the page behind it pushed back. In this update, there would be a gesture that uses to drag down the modal to close instead of tapping the close button.

Menu Overlay Type

Now, there is no additional pushing in the main content to reveal a side menu in iOS. This new update of Ionic 5 in app development will enable app developers that the menu overlays the content instead.

However, the old format is still there for them who are fond of it.

Ionic Animations

Ionic 5 is coming up with custom icons. This introduces new brand open-source animations utility which is animations that enables app developers’ power to build highly performant animations irrespective of the frameworks they fond of using. This new update guarantees for the 40% performance enhancement along with a 98% efficiency booster.

Ionic Icons

Well, Ionic Icons is all brand new coming with easy to get the option- open source and free. Most of them work for Dark & Light modes.

Ionic Icons

Three variants are ready to categorize them- the default fill, Outline, and sharp. This one is the smartest offering where icons won’t need to change according to modes.

Ionic Colors

A very new set of colors is ready to introduce with Ionic 5 for the application that is still in the development phase or going to be created.

The apps developed using Angular & React; this update is manually done. Along with this, Developers are now enabled to use a new set of colors for dark mode as well.

Redesigned Starters

With Ionic 5, there is another exciting change, and that is its existing starters got updated and added new for menus, lists, and tabs. This has been completed to complement the changes made to the design of other Ionic components.

Easier Customization

Customization has become easier than ever with this recent launch. Slight difficulties were owing to a shortage of CSS variables and the style components irresistible custom style.

There is a set of CSS variables and transformed scope components such as Card, Back Button, Segment, and split pane into shadow DOM has been added.

Also, it is working to support Shadow Parts. Shadow DOM disables bleeding of style into another component and also enables developers to use CSS variables. Theming would be easier with this now.

Let’s Know About its Upgrading Process:

Maybe you have some glitches on the way to upgrade this official latest release of Ionic, because of hearing that this is a major update of the Ionic version. But trust me, it takes a smooth upgrade process.

It uses web components that enable API changes between its UI components and the JavaScript framework. Thus, with very few instances of turning in the false direction. Upgrading it is straightforward from Ionic 4 to Ionic 5.

Ionic 5 for Mobile App Development

One of the feature-rich frameworks has arrived for small businesses, enterprises, large enterprises that are dedicatedly looking to develop an efficient app as well as high performance yielding at every device and platform.

Ready to perform your next mobile app development with Ionic 5? RipenApps is all here to help you out with the hands of skilled developers with excellent knowledge of Ionic. Drop us your willing thoughts at [email protected] 

Connect with us to discuss your Project.

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