A Guide On Web & Mobile App Development Using AngularJS Framework
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

A Guide On Web & Mobile App Development Using AngularJS Framework

We have an abundance of technologies and web & mobile app development languages surrounding us, but foremost call lies in selecting the one that reverberates with your business requirements. If we go with the latest statistics, the language that is making a huge pace and also covering the web & mobile app development landscape is AngularJS.

Well, being in the latest era, if you are wasting your much time in developing a web & mobile application than just stop right now and opt Angular JS as your first choice. 291934 unique GitHub users have starred Angular projects. And the growth rate of Angular repositories is significantly growing.


If we define AngularJS in technical terms that Angular JS is one of the leading open-source JavaScript frameworks powered by Google. The main Motto behind its introduction is to simplify the development of dynamic & web apps & also widely uses for restructuring the JavaScript Code.

So, Let’s Have A Proper Overview Of AngularJS:

Let’s understand Angular JS with appropriate briefing…

Powered by Google in 2009, it is one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks. However, it doesn’t arrive with better accompaniments, but eventually; it helps make the mobile app development process very simplified as it is easy to use.

It helps in gathering data and also helps to keep developers at bay from adding extra source code and eliminates extra code in order to maintain the flexibility of the code.

Angular JS works on many building blocks such as, Guidelines to expand HTML characteristic, Directives to accumulate data into HTML, Error and event handling, Unit testing, Routing and binding, Controllers and HTML rendering

Apart from the aforesaid basics, it assists to influence J-query DOM libraries. Specifically, Angular JS permits developers to increase the functionality of HTML by adding constructs. In addition, it also helps in abstracting DOM alteration and manipulations, making everything a lot easier.

The framework is used to build high-performing and large-scale web applications for the enterprise level. Upwork is a great example of an angular technology use case. You can consider how flawless and smooth the website is in delivering an excellent user experience.

Why Choose Angular JS:

You may have an awesome project idea in mind, so it is obvious that it might or might not go with the AngularJS development scenery. But due to useful features & beneficial characteristics, it fits as the perfect web & mobile app development solution.

Some of them are…

Easy To Use & Implement:

The basic characteristic of Angular JS development is its straightforward design architecture currently used by the developers. It is easy to learn & implement, and it enhances the features to a great degree which any particular customer requires. This is possible because Angular uses a simplified MVC architecture.

Further, when it comes to supervision of profound web apps which contains various components as well as complex necessities, it works tremendously well.

Code Management:

Most of the lengthy apps contain diverse components. Angular JS makes it easy or specific especially in managing them even the when a new coder joins the development process in the middle of the process. One the examples of code management is Separation of concern.

The separation of concern functionality splits the code into an organized format to get a manageable view to the developers. It is based upon predefined standards, and you can view the complete style guide for Angular on the GitHub website.

Predefined Solutions:

AngularJS comes with readymade and flexible solutions that can be used within the app. It provides customized solutions such as UI routing approach and module practices can be used. Angular provides predefined pipes as solutions to the developers to achieve the common transformations they need in the applications.

Time Saver:

If we come on time-saving, AngularJS helps in attaining it as it requires lesser time to code the entire mobile or web app since it is the latest technology derived from HTML. Converting the typescript code to JavaScript code is efficient with the angular ahead-of-time compiler. Developing mobile & web apps with AngularJS is quite easy, quicker as well as require less effort.

Less Code Requires:

AngularJS mobile & web app development requires less coding which helps the developers to place extraordinary focus on the competence of the app rather than writing the codes.

Customized Language:

In many cases, developers have to write the same code again while building an app, particularly in HTML.

AngularJS solves this problem as the developer can effortlessly reuse the same code which he has written before.


One of the modern web app development procedures is Model-View-View-Model or MVVC architecture which is supported by AngularJS.

Easy Testing Strategies:

When it comes to unit testing, AngularJS provide much-needed support. The testing is simpler and much supple at the different phase of development. It also has impressive testing compatibilities.

Major Domains Where We Can Use AngularJS…

In case, if you are hoping to gain amazing prevalence in a niche, select the one that has its own gestures and matches with the application development prerequisites. Aside from this, it must have its very own portfolio involving the applications that it creates and its own arrangement of advantages.

How about we outline the most well-known and quality AngularJS apps, so mobile application developers can understand where it merits utilizing. AngularJS would help build up an extraordinary web app with the best User experience if you are searching for:

Apps For User Reviews:

These are the applications that give information to the users about the activities they are keen on taking. Along these lines, they can without much of a stretch recognize the best solutions and can save money.

Travel & Tourism Related Apps:

Since these apps involve dynamic features, AngularJS helps in developing refined travel apps. JetBlue’s is a great example in this slot. The company started in 2000 and now with the power of Angular they have achieved robust digital transformation.

Weather Forecasting Apps:

Weather.com is one of the considerable examples. AngularJS permits the developers to develop an interactive display and helps in performing real-time activities with optimized quality. For example, Angular weather app is completely based on Angular technology delivering an amazing weather forecasting experience to the users.

Content Portals Apps:

We can set Freelancer.com & Upwork.com as the best example of content portals, developed by using Angular JS. We all are familiar with these portals, as they handle a huge amount of data, information of the user.

Bilateral Social Apps:

LinkedIn is the best example, developed by Angular JS. We are familiar with its popularity.

Video Streaming Apps:

Angular JS is the best choice for developing video streaming apps. The most prominent examples are YouTube and Netflix.


To be exact and legitimate, with the copious of marketing practices on existing around the bend, discovering the genuine worth of items has truly turned into a tough task.

In the long run, finding the correct development tool for building an application is much harder.

AngularJS is without a doubt an obvious winner in the present time inferable from such colossal advantages, yet one must counsel the correct mobile application development company or specialists before continuing with the mobile app development process.


Q.1 How to build a web app with AngularJS?

Building a web app with AngularJS requires you to follow the below steps.

  1. Create a module and define the controller
  2. Deploy AngularJS script and configure routes
  3. Configure HTML pages and add links

Q.2 Is AngularJS good for web development?

Yes, AngularJS is great for web development. The main advantage of using AngularJS is the data binding system. It enables a smooth sync between data areas and models. Also, the coding is easy to learn, write, maintain, and reuse.

Q.3 Can we develop a mobile app using AngularJS?

AngularJS is used by top mobile app development companies to build interactive mobile apps. Developers can build applications within very less time due to its flexible architecture based on JavaScript.

Q.4 What is the current version of AngularJS?

Angular team is continuously updating the Angular framework to offer a great development experience to Angular developers. The current version of the Angular framework is Angular 15.

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