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Ishan Gupta

Ensuring Cybersecurity Solutions in Mobile Apps Across Industries

In a world where every business is providing mobile convenience to customers, new startups and even established enterprises often miss cybersecurity elements.

So, as a financial app business startup, or an established hospital trying to digitize with a healthcare app, how can you ensure cybersecurity solutions in your mobile apps? It also seems that there are different elements to cover as solutions for every industry

Well, this is what we are going to cover in this blog- Cybersecurity solutions in mobile apps across multiple industries.

You can just look up your specific industry and revamp your digital transformation strategy by hiring app developers with strong experience in ensuring app security. Let us dive into our blog.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Businesses Across Diverse Industries


In 2023 alone, there were more than 2000 cyber attacks with more than 300 million victims. From finance to the healthcare industry, there are several unknown issues related to security that are under-looked while targeting digitalization through an app-based business.

As a digital transformation company also offering cyber security solutions, we will walk through major industries- healthcare, finance, education, and government.

Ensuring Cybersecurity solutions in Mobile Apps in Healthcare Businesses

Keeping healthcare data safe on mobile apps is crucial for businesses in the cybersecurity space. Let’s break down two significant challenges and their simple solutions.

1. Following HIPAA Rules

According to the HIPAA Journal, “725 data breaches were reported to OCR and across those breaches, more than 133 million records were exposed or impermissibly disclosed in 2023 alone.

If you are wondering about HIPPA, it is like a rulebook for protecting healthcare information. It’s essential for apps handling health data to stick to these rules. That means making sure patient info stays safe when it’s sent and stored.

Solution: The use of encryption in your healthcare mobile app can be very beneficial. It is like putting data into a secret box only the right people can open, to keep it safe as it moves through the internet and sits on devices. Regularly checking how data is stored also helps keep it safe from possible cybersecurity risks.

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2. Controlling Who Sees What In Your Mobile App

Not everyone should see everything!

For example, doctors should see patient records, but maybe not the receptionist. It’s crucial to ensure only the right people can access certain parts of an app.

Solution: Imagine giving each person a special key to open only the doors they need. This is like role-based access controls. Doctors get one key, nurses get another, and so on. This way, everyone can do their job without seeing stuff they shouldn’t. It keeps things private and prevents mistakes or bad things from happening.

By implementing the above-mentioned cyber security solution, healthcare mobile apps can ensure the safety of patient and business-operational data efficiently.

Securing Financial Apps in the Finance Industry

Making sure financial apps are safe is super important in the finance world. Let’s talk about two big ways to do that and how to keep it simple.

1. Following PCI-DSS Rules

Financial apps that deal with payments need to follow PCI-DSS rules to keep card info safe.

Solution: Keep sensitive info safe by turning it into secret code when it’s sent and stored. Think of it like putting your secret message in a locked box that only the right person can open. It’s also important to update this code regularly to stay ahead of any hacker trying to crack it.

2. Encryption for Financial Transactions

Encryption is like putting your data in a different language that only the right people can understand or access. It’s crucial for keeping financial transactions safe and ensuring security for your customers.

Solution: Use really strong encryption to protect financial transactions. Also, make sure to update these codes regularly to help keep your app safe from new tricks that bad guys might try.

3. Continuous Monitoring for Fraud Detection

We are sure that Fraud detection can be one of your key focuses due to the increasing fraud in the digital world.

Solution: Set up a system that checks transactions in real that applies machine learning algorithms. If something seems suspicious, like someone trying to access or view your operational or customer data, you’ll get an alert. This in turn will also help you to save huge data breach expenses.

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Following PCI-DSS rules, using encryption to protect transactions, and keeping an eye out for anything suspicious can make sure your customer’s financial activities stay safe, helping you build a brand.

Protecting Student Data in Education Apps

Keeping student data safe in education apps is crucial. Let’s talk about the ways to ensure cybersecurity in your education application.

1. Following FERPA Rules

FERPA is the rulebook for keeping student info private and safe. As an education business, you must ensure that you build your eLearning application aligning to the same.

Solution: Make sure apps protect student records and follow FERPA rules. While researching for an education app development company ensure that you shortlist experienced development partners.


2. Secure User Authentication

Securing user authentication is another key component to ensure white applying top-class cybersecurity solutions in your mobile app.

Solution: Use extra layers, like authentication codes sent to the registered phone, along with passwords. This adds stronger security to your eLearning application. Also, teaches users to use strong passwords that are hard to guess. Guide your users to all the key steps your application has through a convenient UX.

3. Monitoring and Filtering Content

Apps used for learning should only show stuff that’s safe and appropriate for students.

Solution: Make sure apps block anything not suitable for students. Think of it like having a filter that only lets in the good stuff. Regularly updating this filter helps keep up with any new bad stuff that might pop up.

Keeping Government and Public Apps Safe

Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in the government applications. And, since government apps are used by millions of people, ensuring cybersecurity is critical.

1. Following NIST Guidelines

Following NIST guidelines can ensure the best practices and other resources to meet the standard US-based practices. Applications complying with the NIST give you a competitive edge in winning the trust of the public.

Solution: If you are a start-up, look for a specialized startup app development company that ensures NIST guidelines in their development practices. The process is the same for established enterprises or a government agency.

2. Secure Communication

Making sure messages sent between apps and devices are secured. How can you ensure secure communication?

Solution: Applying encryption to make sure messages stay secure and can’t be read by anyone else other than the involved parties. Specify Access controls in your application.

Ensure Top-Class Cybersecurity Solutions In Your Mobile App With Us

With nearly a decade of presence in the industry applying top-class cyber security solutions in mobile applications, we have unlocked trust and reliability for diverse businesses. Why pick us to ensure that your mobile app is secure?

  • We specialize in securing apps across various industries, including healthcare, finance, education, and the public sector.
  • Our custom mobile app development solutions are designed to fit your app’s specific needs and industry requirements in the cyber security space.
  • We ensure your app meets all necessary regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FERPA, and NIST guidelines.
  • With our team, you unlock high-class encryption techniques to keep your and your customer’s data safe from possible vulnerabilities.
  • We implement strict access controls, ensuring only authorized users can access sensitive information.


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