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Accessibility is New Must Factor in Mobile App Development Process

Have you developed a mobile app? Maybe your mobile app is perfect according to you but are you sure that it is as perfect for the users also. Confused no? If users are not able to use the features, which they are looking for, then don’t you think that it will affect the user acquisition rate?  Thus, Accessibility is one of the new must factors to consider while the mobile app development process whether it is for iOS or Android.

What Is The Need For Accessibility?

Does mobile application accessibility extremely matter? Mobile has reformed the way we as a whole use the internet. For the general population who are disabled, these devices can possibly go within unanticipated choices for communication, autonomy, and all the more yet just if the mobile apps on them have accessibility for the impaired incorporated with their usefulness and design.

As Websites go under expanded accessibility investigation and a mobile app use rises, many anticipate that legitimate activities against associations with out of reach mobile applications will likewise increment.

What Elements Should Be Considered In Mobile App Accessibility?

To be very clear, there is a considerable difference between a mobile app that is specially made for the disabled peoples and an accessible app. The mobile app that enables outwardly disabled individuals to call seeing individuals and get help with little errands.

A mobile app that is easy to explore, read, and retain data from, regardless of the medium, is an available application. Each mobile app on the planet falls under this umbrella. If the mobile application is not intended for a group of individuals, who is it barring?

Here we have mentioned the basic accessibility checklist based on UI & UX designing or development of the mobile application-

Basic Accessibility Checklist:

An accessible app should have the following qualities:

Easy To Read Text:

Since the mobile application users have evident issues with picture and video content observation, it is a sensible text to speak to the majority of in-application data more than 80% textually.

Basic Structure:

The complex staggered interface might be the main problem for incapacitated individuals, particularly for those with vision and motor issue. That is the reason it is so imperative to keep it basic and steady.

Easy to See & Tap the buttons:

Keep button large enough to be clearly visible & easy to tap which is extremely valuable for users with a motor issue. To include considerably greater accessibility additionally utilized Assistive Touch, which is an uncommon component to alter contact affectability of a presentation.

Avoids Spasms:

There are no flashing lights or other color backgrounds, or there is an option to turn these setting off at some point in time.

Provide Proper Navigation:

One of the major things, which should properly be mentioned in the mobile app, is to mention the perfect navigations, it means making sure buttons and links are differentiated by the colors and texts along with non-color characteristics like bold & italic forms.


To guarantee consistent activity of VoiceOver and Speak Screen (which is practically like VoiceOver) inside the interface we transform screens into a one-dimensional rundown.

Permits Enough Time To Read & Use The Content:

The user should be given enough time to read the overall element, without the session timeout.


Mobile app development with full of accessibility is a special approach that every mobile app developer should adopt while developing mobile apps. It is required to make some guidelines in mind clearly, before building a mobile app that each individual could access the app’s every feature.

The checklist above is a great resource to help you get started on the right track to making your app as accessible as possible but if you want to know more about accessibility inclusion then we are right here with the full-proof homework. Send us your query at [email protected].

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