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Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Mobile App Development: 15 Trends to Watch Out for in 2018 – Part 1

It’s been more than a month in 2018, and the shifts in the application industry are out there to watch for. One thing which is for sure is that the steep upward curve will continue this year as well, thanks to ever-growing demand. According to App Annie, 25 billion apps on iOS and a whopping 90 billion apps on Android were downloaded in the year 2017. With such billions of downloads and thousands of options to choose from, any top mobile application development company have no option but to innovate every day with every new project.

Here we will look into some of the spearheads to look for in the year ahead.

1. Artificial Intelligence: Takes over the humanity

Okay, let’s accept the fact that AI has disturbed the industry already, and there is no sign of slowing it down. We have seen apps in the past that can cause wonders with this new sci-fi looking tech. Use of AI multiplies the app capabilities and produces something new every time it is tapped. According to IDC, the AI market will grow to $47 billion by 2020, sure industry has an eye on it. And the use of chatbots will also fuel the AI revolution. Voice commands, automatic decision making are main aspects of AI that will be used in apps for better customizations and effective use of the application. Who can forget the success of the AI based photo editing apps, that shocked the market as soon as they hit the stores?

2. Cloud: Is going to rain

Forget about app developers, even mobile manufacturers use cloud-based services. You can create a cloud-based account where all of your data is stored as backup. Which comes in handy if you lose your phone or buying a new one. These apps are also getting in fashion. Cloud-based technology is also very helpful for small business owners, who can launch their apps without worrying about setting up an IT infrastructure right from scratch. Now a day we have a lot of B2B apps that are available on the cloud such as web hosting and getting space online for testing and launching the apps on the market.

3. UPI and Digital Payments: The new wallet

The government is pushing for the cashless economy and this has boosted the app industry. We have seen the flood of the new age payment apps with a whole new feature and ease of doing transactions. With the increase in the mobile data usage and higher speeds, this is going to be the way of the 21st century. Attractive cashback offers are being offered to lure the users by many apps. Some of the apps are quite safe as they use more advanced technology than their counterparts.

4. On Demand: Is in demand

We have seen with the launch of on-demand entertainment apps, telcos are in a race to provide on-demand based apps. Many other apps are in the pipeline. To counter, traditional the service providers are also chasing up to provide on-demand content. And this is not limited to the entertainment industry, other sectors such as laundry, food delivery, and cab booking services are coming up along with top mobile application development companies to carter the on-demand needs of the users.

5. IoT: Connecting devices

We are seeing these changes as days pass by. Connected apps and connected devices are getting more cozy, which not only fascinates the users but also provide a bulk of data for the service providers to research on. With mobiles connected to everything around you, IoT app development companies are sure not to lose on this. It is expected that the IoT market will grow to $600 billion by 2021. Connected devices have absolutely no limit on applications, we hear about a refrigerator temperature can be controlled by a mobile application remotely, and a garage can be fully automated with beacons and sensors to notify the owner about in and out of the vehicles.

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