Piyush Agrawal

Piyush, the Chief Operating Officer at RipenApps, oversees overall operations to ensure that they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission. With the profound business & technical acumen, he comprehends what the clients need in terms of product and service delivery.

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Piyush Agrawal in Android
Why Considering ‘Cost Factor’ Is Not Enough To Hire A Mobile App Development Team?

Waking up in the morning and reading rising stats
of your competitors is more painful than....

Radhika Yadav in Android
How “5 Star Ratings” on Mobile Apps Catches Users’ Eye?

"First Impression is the last impression" this is
not merely a phrase, but a factual state....

Ishan Gupta in App Development
How Feasible Analysis Is Essential For Mobile App Success?

A mobile app development project requires a
comprehensive evaluation of its technical requ....

Ishan Gupta in Business
How Inclusion of Mobile Applications Help Startup Businesses to Become Unicorns?

Discussing the startup businesses, their numbers
are fundamentally expanding with each pas....

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