Case Study of Sports


Game,Set,Stats is a leverage that which has been provided to the Coaches or the mentors of Tennis to check the downfall & the uplift of their players at every stage. Enabling the coach to keep the match record closely study the weak area note them out, or leave a voice comment for ensuring the loss of time. Game,Set,Stats is a solution for the coach being handy and record the status of their players without lifting a pen.

Client Requirements

  • Truly focussed on the Tennis
  • Application totally dependent on the Coach of the Tennis
  • Rating & Reviews for the Application.
  • Number of Downloads
  • History of the Matches
  • Real time Voice recording for writting Comments.

Project Challenge

As, this application has been developed for the Coach or the Mentor of Tennis, so at every point we need to keep the exact information regarding Tennis. Our team has spent weeks where they were made to sit and watch the videos of the matches so that they get a clear view of the Tennis and indulge the specfics of it into application as any lag in writing the information may lead to a disaster.

How we solve?

  • Gathers the ideas

    As, we have a glimpse of ideas fluctuating in each of our mind, started to get into it make a research and gathered the fullest of the knowledge.

  • Collaborated

    We, collaborated each idea and way out the best of it.

  • Implemented & Tested

    Our, unit implemented it with worthless efforts with a loop of implementing - testing untill we have a cream of our effort.

  • Presented

    We presented a result that is the replica of the need.


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