Case Study of Restaurant App


Menos online food ordering application which overture nearby ready to - eat meals from various cuisines, gourmets that keep up the august of the food. Taste the Lavish dishes, dessert, soup, pie, drinks and many more eatables with pocket - friendly budget by applying Coupon Codes. Sustain your finest tastes within the application so that you may grab it once again when you feel like. Track your order at every phase with the contact details. Menos for service Providers and the delivery person benefits them to seek the detailed description of the Order Placed.

Client Requirements

  • Attract the Market Audience
  • Live Tracking
  • Re - Order services opted in past.
  • Multiple restaurant in a single order.
  • Search based on dish, restaurants.
  • Application useful for Small shops/ restaurants.
  • Rating & Reviews for the services.

Project Challenge

Food Delivery Application, that's what "Menos" titled, a place where we can taste the best cuisines available nearby. Challenge faced by being a unit welcoming " out of box ideas" is that to order from different restaurants at a single time i.e, 1 order - more than 1 dish - from different service Provider that's the peak point where our unit collaborated make it possible and here we are presenting where your taste will take a new drive!!

How we solve?

  • Gathers the ideas

    As, we have a glimpse of ideas fluctuating in each of our mind, started to get into it make a research and gathered the fullest of the knowledge.

  • Collaborated

    We, collaborated each idea and way out the best of it.

  • Implemented & Tested

    Our, unit implemented it with worthless efforts with a loop of implementing - testing untill we have a cream of our effort.

  • Presented

    We presented a result that is the replica of the need.


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