Case Study of News & Media


E-books becoming popular, nothing compares to reading a tome curled up on a couch in a quiet corner of the house. Nowadays many more people unable to fetch time to have a look over the situations happening around even if they have interest they won't as they have a lack of time. We come up with a solution and created a personal reading room gives one a designated place to store, organise and display the tomes lovingly collected over the weeks. While setting up a favorite news is relatively an easy task. We may surf through different categories and if you want it more precise you will be able to set the Location and fetch the activities going around you in different categories.

Client Requirements

  • Attract the Market Audience
  • Application useful for every domain audience.
  • Rating & Reviews for the news.
  • Number of Downloads
  • Live Tracking
  • Mark as Favorite News.
  • Fetch Nearby news in different field

Project Challenge

As, many News Application have already grabbed a huge market and to defeat the competitors we have to focus on the functionality as well as the uniqueness in the terms of UI of the application and our team bring out the out of box ideas for maintaining it uniqueness.

How we solve?

  • Gathers the ideas

    As, we have a glimpse of ideas fluctuating in each of our mind, started to get into it make a research and gathered the fullest of the knowledge.

  • Collaborated

    We, collaborated each idea and way out the best of it.

  • Implemented & Tested

    Our, unit implemented it with worthless efforts with a loop of implementing - testing untill we have a cream of our effort.

  • Presented

    We presented a result that is the replica of the need.


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