Case Study of Game App


Get your brain exercised with Baranoy where several categories are available that throws number of questions on you and you have to find the right one. If, you have a high surety for the correct than you are let to choose the highest bid available there to increase your point which you will be able to redeem in your next quiz. There are different levels available to train your brain to work faster.

Client Requirements

  • Attract the Market Audience
  • Number of Downloads
  • Create different challenge levels.
  • Leaderboard
  • Brain Teaser Questions
  • Bid Options to earn more Points.
  • Lend your points to your friends.
  • Challenge other users at different levels

Project Challenge

Our team, collaboratively worked so well with Baranoy as it's a Brain Exercising application and the team is super excited to create a challenge as it is the most hard part to develop a challenge for Challenging Levels.

How we solve?

  • Gathers the ideas

    As, we have a glimpse of ideas fluctuating in each of our mind, started to get into it make a research and gathered the fullest of the knowledge.

  • Collaborated

    We, collaborated each idea and way out the best of it.

  • Implemented & Tested

    Our, unit implemented it with worthless efforts with a loop of implementing - testing untill we have a cream of our effort.

  • Presented

    We presented a result that is the replica of the need.


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