Case study of Coupon & Deals


Business merchants at different levels would be able to offer tours, activities, and events have effectively promoted their offerings at Merci to Do collection. Whether you’re looking to sell more tickets to your sporting event, attract more visitors to your museum, using Merci is a great way to get in front of a new audience. Have a great adventure with the food, Nightlife, or a coffee shop by locating yourself through GPS and avail the attractive offers and discounts nearby.

Client Requirements

  • Attract the Market Audience
  • Live Tracking
  • Redemption of the Coupon Offers
  • Number of Downloads
  • Rating & Reviews for the services.
  • History of the Services availed
  • Application useful for Small shop/ restaurant.
  • Re - Order services opted in past.

Project Challenge

Though, it's a purely new concept and the categories are more so we have to deal with the targeted audience with the UI concept that attracts the more and more audience allowing service providers to give the offers and discount so that they achieve popularity along with the benefits.

How we solve?

  • Gathers the ideas

    As, we have a glimpse of ideas fluctuating in each of our mind, started to get into it make a research and gathered the fullest of the knowledge.

  • Collaborated

    We, collaborated each idea and way out the best of it.

  • Implemented & Tested

    Our, unit implemented it with worthless efforts with a loop of implementing - testing untill we have a cream of our effort.

  • Presented

    We presented a result that is the replica of the need.


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